, The first 100 Days

A little more than three months ago, I began using this website to post information and news I felt others would find informative and interesting. I had no idea exactly which direction the site would go and still don't. After 100 days of posting, I think I have been first to report on many issues and some that may otherwise have never been reported. Let's review.

First to report:

Resignation of County Mayor's secretary to go to work for DA Johnson.
Players behind the liquor referendum.
Petitions for liquor referendum.
History and details behind Lenoir City redevelopment plan.
New county's mayor's illegal public record policy.
County planner Russ Newman's involvement in questionable land deals.
Lawsuit against new county mayor for illegal public record policy.
Appointment of Commissioner Jenkins to assessor's job.
Loudon County Cable Authority's waste of money.
$10,000.00 raise for EMA Director Harless.
Appointment of
Shirley Reno to commission.
The million dollar land deal by the Loudon County Board of education. News Herald reports on the story three weeks later.
Lenoir City's fire hydrant problems. News Herald no report.
Election results

Provided wall to wall coverage of the election and candidates.
Provided official ballot (not found in News Herald).

Probably the most popular spot at is the blog. Many have used the blog to express their views on a host of topics.

I hope to be able to continue to bring stories of interest and information and maybe an occasional cartoon or photo that might make some chuckle.