What's Going On At vanshaver.com

Some may have forgotten that long before I became an elected official I was a citizen activist. As an elected official representing members of the community, one must sometimes put their personal views aside to represent the views of the community. Now that I am no longer an elected official  I can return to the old days of just being an activist. Of course I now know a lot more about how to be a good citizen activist. I'm still not sure just what I want to do with the site, but so far I am enjoying just posting certain information I feel people would find interesting. I've always thought it would be kind of fun to be in the news business. While we have two news papers, there is still a real void in Loudon County for inside government and political news. Maybe I'm heading in that direction. I'm just not sure yet. In the mean time I'll probably keep posting up government and political stuff that I think folks will enjoy.