Contrary to statements made by Dana Zehner, and according to Lenoir City Councilman Tony Aikens, he never went to the election commission office and asked for a copy of Joe Sims restoration documents nor did he ask for or pay for a copy of the document. Aikens stated that several months ago he was asked by a city voter how it was possible that Sims, a convicted felon, could run for office. Aikens phoned the election commission office at which time Zehner told him that Sims had been restored.

Aikens has asked for a letter of correction from Loudon County coordinator of elections, Dana Zehner, stating that he did not ask for or receive a copy of Sims restoration documents.

Aikens is responding to statements at Thursday's election commission meeting where Zehner stated that Aikens had requested to see and purchased a copy of Joe Sims citizenship restoration paper.