Up For Tenure

Every year before April 15th, the Loudon County Board Of Education and all other school boards across the state must address the question of tenure for new teachers in their school system. Contrary to popular belief, tenure does not confer permanent job status on a teacher. It does however give a teacher more rights prior to termination.

In order to be considered for tenure, a teacher must complete a three year probationary period with the school system. The teacher than may receive a positive recommendation from their principals and others to the director of schools who in turn may recommend tenure to the board of education for a vote.

The Loudon County Board Of Education will take up the slate of teachers who have been recommended for tenure at their board meeting Thursday night. Below is the list of teachers who have been recommended for tenure this year.   

Becky Cash
Heather Dillinger
Whitney Dongarra
Ashley Hatcher
Melinda Moroz
Maria Warren

Fort Loudon Middle
Jason Beaty
Carla Ellis
Scott Hinds

Whitney Cox
Beth Disney
Sandy King
Laura Lyle
Rebecca Myers
Whitney Risher
Melanie Sheppard

Highland Park
Kelly Jo Arnold
Christy Kerr
Alli Jo Lacy
Francis Sloan

Loudon Elementary
Christine Carroll
Darrell Cope
Karen Ousley
Ashley Williams
Jennifer Wood

Loudon High School
Jennifer Borr
Doug Martin
Heather Waldron

North Middle School
Sarah Gelreath

Beth Sandidge
Jennifer Stewart

Steekee Elementary
Lisa Hale
Julie Sparks

Central Office
Susie Brooks
Donna Yearney
Janet Young