UFO's, Big Foot And
The Loudon County Board Of Education's Budget Requests

A lot of you have written asking why I haven't been reporting on the on going budget battle between the Loudon County Commission and the Loudon County Board of Education. That's because, just like UFO's and Big Foot, the BOE's budget request is a hoax. Apparently the school board has lost touch with all reality when it comes to their expectations of how much money they expect the tax payers of Loudon County to continue to pour down the black hole of local education.

With the ink just barely dry on the PBA report showing, at best, just average growth for the school system for the next ten years, apparently the BOE has just opted to ignore the report. Requesting more than three million dollars for their operating budget for 07-08 and more than a hundred million dollars for new schools, it's obvious they have no grasp of where that money has to come from. This is on top of  an additional million plus dollars the BOE received in last year's budget. Those few of you that are still willing to plunk down seventy cents for the News Herald were met with the headlines in today's edition that the BOE was considering eliminating among other things sports and bus transportation. Of course this is another part of the hoax but what better way to gin up public support for their demands.

The County Commission has thrown down the gauntlet and has offered the BOE approximately the same funding as last year. This now comes down to a pushing match between the BOE and the County Commission. Who will blink first.

It's time for the BOE to come back to earth and take a reality check. Every elected official should continuously be looking for ways to save the tax payers money, not blow it. Is the BOE really looking for places to cut? Start with daycare for teachers children, sell the worthless 2.2 million dollar piece of land the BOE bought last year. Turn off the travel funds for BOE and staff. Eliminate all the unnecessary positions that have been created and eliminate preschool. There are plenty of places the BOE could trim if they really wanted to. But this is really about finding out who's the biggest kid on the block. Time will tell.