Two suspects charged after trying to get handcuff keys into the Loudon Co Jail.

On Sunday, August 13th, the Loudon Co Sheriff’s Office arrested Kelsey C. Captain for attempting to send handcuff keys to an inmate currently incarcerated at the LCSO Jail. Captain concealed two handcuff keys, along with tobacco, inside of a pair of hair clippers and dropped the clippers off at the jail to be given to inmate Darrell E. Middleton.

When LCSO Corrections Officers searched the clippers, as per policy and procedures, they discovered the handcuff keys and tobacco. Kelsey C. Captain (18) has been charged with the felony charge of “Implements For Escape”. During the investigation, it was learned that Inmate Middleton had knowledge and aided in the crime. Darrell E. Middleton (19) has also been charged with the felony charge of “Criminal Responsibly For the Conduct of Another”