Two Peas In A Pod

The old saying "Two Peas In A Pod" refers to the fact that if you crack open a pea pod the peas that fall out are just alike. That phrase couldn't be more appropriate in describing Doyle Arp and Matt Brookshire. They're so much alike in their politics and actions, They're interchangeable.

You may have already seen that both Arp and Brookshire have picked  up petitions to run for County Mayor in the 2010 election. A quick look at each one of them will show just how much they have in common. 

Brookshire is an avowed far, far left wing liberal hiding under the cover of being a democrat. He's an Obamacrat. Arp calls himself a republican but in reality is what's known as a RINO. Republican in name only. Arp cloaks himself as a republican knowing that increases his chances of being elected. But when you look at both men's political records, there's absolutely no difference in the two.

Both Brookshire and Arp, by their own words and actions, believe in big government and higher taxes and big spending, government control and regulation and gun control. They both thrive on rudeness and take great pleasure in publicly berating and humiliating both citizens and their fellow elected officials. They're mean, vengeful and hold a grudge forever. They're both 100% in bed with and controlled by special interests and big money developers.   

While Arp may have an edge on Brookshire when it comes to alleged illegal activity, remember the 11 million dollar appraisal change he gave his friend Mike Ross, Brookshire did sale a prime historical lake front property to a local developer for $500. Both men have shown that nepotism is no problem for them when it comes to their family and friends.

Both Arp and Brookshire have been feeding form the government trough for many years. Brookshire for most of his adult life. Arp for nearly 30 years. Neither man has any understanding of the realities of the average Loudon County resident.

The contrast between Arp and Brookshire to myself could not be clearer. In fact I stand one hundred and eighty degrees opposite of both of them. Our political records could not be more different.

The list of similarities goes on and on. If both or either do stay in the race, we will go back and see just what their political records show they have done for, or more appropriately, to the citizens of Loudon County. Their actions are well documented and well known. February 18th is the deadline for all candidates to file.