Two More

With only five days since candidates began picking up petitions, it looks like the 2010 May primary is going to be a big election. Twenty-six people have picked up petitions to seek seventeen offices. Two more have now joined the fray. Loudon County School Board member, Steve Harrleson, has picked a petition to run for sixth district commission currently held by Wayne Gardin. Loudon City councilman, Mike Cartwright, has picked to run for county court clerk. Cartwright makes a total of five who may run for the open clerk seat.

With more than two months to the deadline, this election could get real crowded. Often times though, some will pick up petitions but never actually turn them in by the deadline. Keep an eye on the fifth column in the form below titled "Date Petition Returned." Usually any candidate who is seriously considering a run for office will return their completed petitions pretty quickly.

At some point in the near future, we will be taking a closer look at the candidates who file. Till then I will keep you posted on any new additions.

Office of Candidate Name of Candidate Party Date Petition Issued  Date Petition Returned
County Mayor Van Shaver Republican 11/20/2009 11/30/2009
County Commission           
District 1 seat A William Culvahouse Republican 11/20/2009 11/24/2009
  Nancy Marcus Republican 11/23/2009  
District 1 seat B David Meers Republican 11/20/2009  
District 2 seat A Frank Hahn Republican 11/24/2009  
  Earlena Maples Democrat  11/20/2009  
District 2 seat B Austin Shaver Republican 11/20/2009  
District 3 Bob Franke Republican 11/23/2009  
District 4 Mike Newman Republican 11/25/2009  
District 5  seat A Harold Duff Republican 11/20/2009  
District 5 seat B Kenneth Shockley Republican 11/23/2009  
District  6 Steve Harrleson Republican 11/30/2009  
  Wayne Gardin Democrat  11/20/2009  
District 7 Don Miller Republican 11/20/2009  
Trustee Estell Herron Republican 11/20/2009  
Sheriff Steve Cook Republican 11/20/2009  
  Tim Guider Republican 11/23/2009  
Circuit Court Clerk Judy Hines Republican 11/20/2009  
  Lisa Niles Republican 11/20/2009  
County Court Clerk Nicholas Bradshaw Republican 11/20/2009  
  Mike Cartwright Republican 11/30/2009  
  Darlene Russell Republican 11/20/2009  
  Kenneth Shockley Republican 11/23/2009  
  Angie Vittatoe Republican 11/20/2009  
Register of Deeds Tracie Littleton Republican  11/20/2009 11/25/2009
Road Superintendent  Tim Brewster Republican 11/24/2009  
  Gary Kinard  Republican 11/23/2009 11/25/2009