Two Drinking Parties Busted

The Loudon County Sheriff's department was kept extra busy over the weekend responding to drinking parties on the east end of the county. The first reported problem came in at nearly midnight Friday night. A part was reported at an address on Turkey Pen Lane just off Virtue Road. When officers arrived, several subjects attempted to flee on foot. Ultimately most were rounded up. Those arrested included at least seven subjects who were under age and at least one juvenile. An ambulance had to be dispatched due to the extreme intoxication of some of the partiers. One subject was injured while fleeing the scene after running into a fence. Several arrests were made.

On Saturday night about twenty-four hours later LCSD were again dispatched to a loud party. This time the location was Meadow Walk Villas on Hwy. 11 across from Cusick Circle. Once again several underage subjects and at least one juvenile were found to be intoxicated. Again an ambulance had to be dispatched to the scene due to the extreme intoxication of some of the partiers. As many as four may have been arrested at this party.

There are those who would like to make alcohol even more available in our communities. Please vote not to permit liquor stores in Loudon county.