POA Responds To Suit

Property Owners Association
112 Chota Center
Loudon, TN  37774

News Release
Release Date: Immediately
Date Submitted: July 24, 2009


TVPOA Management Statement on Lawsuit


The TVPOA supports and is fully committed to the highest level of accountability and transparency in its operations.  We are we in full compliance with federal and state law regarding document access, and the Association has gone further by placing a wide range of operational and financial documents on the TVPOA website for all TVPOA members and the general public to see.  The TVPOA Board of Directors also implemented new document access rules to ensure an orderly process out of what threatened to become chaos because of the size, scope and expense related to document requests continually coming from a small group of people.  In the pending case, the Association has determined that the request is invalid under state law and the POA’s document access rules. 


The two individuals who filed the pending lawsuit have been associated with this small group of residents that has repeatedly burdened the TVPOA with numerous document and information requests and wrongly alleged corporate fraud and malfeasance by TVPOA officials where no such issues have been found to exist.  These irresponsible actions have cost the TVPOA thousands of dollars in legal fees and other expenses responding to requests for information and allegations of wrongdoing, all of which have been proven to date to be false or unsubstantiated.


The TVPOA has complied with many of the information requests that have been made by the individuals filing the pending lawsuit, as well as numerous other requests from members of this small group of property owners.  These repeated and burdensome requests adversely affected TVPOA operations earlier this year and required the TVPOA Board of Directors to take action for the Association’s protection and for the good of all Tellico Village property owners.  The TVPOA’s document access rules now in place are working to better serve the Association and its members.  TVPOA Board and management are confident the rules meet all applicable federal and state legal requirements and will do an excellent job serving the needs of Tellico Village property owners.


Contact:  John Cherry,

Public Relations Manager

(865) 458-5408 ext. 4105