TVA reminds public not to disturb historical artifacts

As the warmer weather approaches, more people will be out on Tennessee lakes, and that means there's more potential to find a historical artifact.

TVA says those artifacts, like arrowheads and pottery, are often found on area lakes.

The utility wants to remind people that the historical artifacts are just that-- historical. Picking them up may damage them and destroy part of East Tennessee history.

"We've got 11,000 miles of shoreline, and about that many archaeological sites, so we just want people to understand what they see when they go out on the river, what they see when they go camping, please don't disturb land, artifacts, you might see arrowheads, you might see some things you don't recognize," said Brenda Brickhouse, TVA federal preservation officer.

An officials with the advisory council on historic preservation is also in town this week. She's training TVA personnel on what to look out for when it comes to artifacts, and the proper procedure to follow when they come across something.