Tuesday's The Day

Tuesday's election will bring big changes to our federal, state and local governments. It appears that the republican party is on the verge of sweeping the liberal, progressive democrat party from congress and it's none too soon. It's also apparent that Tennessee will have a republican in the governor's seat.

But what may be of as much interest to local voters as any of the elections will be the changes coming to our local governments. Both Loudon and Lenoir City will have new mayors and with so many in each city running for seats on the respective councils, it's possible that both cities could have all new councils.

In Loudon, only two of the four incumbent councilmen are seeking re-election. So for sure Loudon City council will have at least two new board members along with a new mayor after Tuesday's election.

In Lenoir City, only two of the three incumbent councilmen whose terms are up are seeking re-election. So at least one new board member will join the council. But if councilman Tony Aikens does win the mayor's race, the first action of the new council will be to appoint someone to fill his vacant council seat.

Tuesday's election will be exciting to watch on many levels. I will have the results posted as soon as they're available. But for up to the minute local election results, you can tune to WLIL 730 AM or log on to their web site for the live broadcast.