Trump It Is

I consider myself a very social and fiscal conservative personally and politically. Also, I'm sure I would be one of those "evangelicals" we're always hearing about in the media. I voted for Ted Cruz in the primary election because I felt he best reflected my social, fiscal and political views. Unfortunately, Cruz lost. So what now?

Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. (Unless Hillary gets indicted. We can only hope.)

I hear republicans say, they would never vote for Trump for a number of reasons. I'll be honest, I don't understand that mindset. Some say he's not Christian enough, some say he's not conservative enough, some say he's just a joke some say he's not qualified.

What I see is a very successful, multibillionaire who says he is a Christian and plans to govern as a conservative. Maybe he is and he will - maybe he isn't and won't. Only if he becomes president will we ever know. 

The election of Barrak Obama ended the notion that an American president had to have any qualifications for the job. He had none. Hillary Clinton qualifications? Seriously? She has none. Trump? Hard to argue that he hasn't been successful, first in business now in politics.

Donald Trump is not a republican nor is he a democrat, he's a hybrid at best, he's Trump, and I'm OK with that.

Here's what I do know;

Donald Trump MIGHT build the wall and get illegal immigration under control. Hillary Clinton will not.
Donald Trump MIGHT appoint 1, 2, 3 or even 4 conservative justices to the supreme court. Hillary Clinton will not.
Donald Trump MIGHT institute fiscal policies that help the economy and bring new jobs. Hillary Clinton will not. 
Donald Trump MIGHT re-establish America's honor around the world. Hillary Clinton will not.
Donald Trump MIGHT make America great again. Hillary Clinton will not.

So you "Never Trump" people have two options. Vote for Hillary Clinton or not vote at all which is still a vote for Hillary Clinton. "Never Trump" just means all in for Hillary Clinton.

Me, I hear the whistle, and I'm on the Trump train. Climb on board.