Trooper Reports Stalking

The Daily Digest

A Tennessee Highway Patrol officer told a local detective he is being stalked by a former TBI agent in a series of incidence that have reportedly occurred over a period of about three years.  According to records THP Lt. Daniel Ruskey went to the Justice Center to report he has repeatedly been harassed by a subject know as Jack Jenkins, a former TBI agent.  He stated there have been documented occurrences on file with Tennessee Highway Patrol about the incidents that have occurred.  Ruskey stated that it has been an ongoing matter for the last three years.
The trooper further advised he witnessed Jenkins driving through his subdivision and Jenkins did stop and then exited the area.  Ruskey stated he just moved into the subdivision and had problems in the past where he lived with Jenkins driving by. No other information was available at the time of the report.
Investigator Jason Smith, LCSD CID is handling the investigation.