Tough Call

About once a year, I feel compelled to take up this issue. The school closing dilemma.

Some times the decision is real easy when the weather leaves no doubt but more times than not, the decision is a tough call. The ultimate decision whether or not to call off school lies with the director of schools, Jason Vance. He is well aware that which ever decision he makes, many times, is going to make some folks mad.  He will be second guessed nearly every time.

On the one hand, there are nearly 5000 students involved. Add in parents, grand parents and you could be affecting fifteen to twenty thousand people with the decision. When school is canceled many of those parents find themselves in sudden need of child care because their work place didn't close for the weather. Then on the other hand is the safety of all the students.

I think it's fair to say that Mr. Vance will always err on the side of safety but at all times he has to consider everyone involved.

The reality is, no matter what he decides, some won't be happy.

Always remember, if the school system makes a decision that you feel is not safe for your child/children do what you feel is right. You are the parent, you still out rank public education.

If you feel conditions are too dangerous to put your child on a bus, get up and take them to school yourself. If you feel it's just too dangerous to be on the roads, keep them at home. You can make that decision.