The Tolerant Left

For years now, we've been told by the liberal left and the main stream media how terrible we conservatives are. How we are mean spirited, intolerant, hateful and just all around bad people.

Below are a bunch of emails and a few voicemails I have received from all over the world that might just show the liberals, you know the peace, love and happiness crowd, might have a stronger claim to hatred than anybody. 

Ever wondered what happens if you take a stand on a position the liberals don't agree with? The hypocrisy is striking.

I doubt anybody would want to read or listen to all of these but it doesn't take long to get the gist. Apparently, the far left Huffington Post picked up the story and some blogger suggested their readers contact me. You all are going to love some of these.

Warning, there is some explicit language in these emails. They get worse as you go down the list. I've tried to clean them up as much as possible but the voicemails are unedited.


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What seems so ironic to me is, many of these emails condemn me for being slanderous toward the homosexual community but then the meanest thing they can think to do to me is accuse me of being a closet homosexual. There's just something wrong with that logic.   


As much as you can change the color of your skin, A person cannot change their sexual orientation. I think you need to ask yourself, "Why am I so obsessed with Queer sex?"

Your posting and call for firings

This is for Van,

Sir, shame on you for your actions and words regarding the article for a gay student. You are the problem sir, and your words and and actions show that Christian love is a farce. Shame on you.

I challenge you to call me to discuss your vile actions. I doubt you will call because people like you are cowards who hide behind a stale book of myths.


Eric Cedric
Atheist, American and Proud


Dear Van

"What I am intolerant of is an adult, a teacher no less, inflicting
their personal beliefs and sexual orientation decisions on
impressionable students." If you can remember that is a direct quote
from you.  How is that not almost exactly what you are doing? With the
exception that you are on a school board as opposed to being a
teacher, it seems to be pretty spot on.  How can you sit and disfigure
a religion that is supposed to be accepting and full of kindness to
support such bigotry.  People like you are the reason Christianity is
turning away millions of young people.

If you claim select verses of the bible as your support for these
ignorant thoughts, let me ask you this.  Have you ever shaved? -
Leviticus 19:27 Do you wear clothes of mixed fibers? - Leviticus
19:19, I could keep going with these antiquated rules and laws, but
really whats the point?  Why do you not support these rules but
others? Does it say somewhere in the bible to pick and choose freely
from its versus?  Was that one of the teachings of Jesus? Wait...
that's right, he was to busy hanging out with the dregs of society and
telling everyone to be accepting of others and forgive them of their
alleged sins.  If you are as painfully uneducated as we all know you
are (I don't really care if you went to college, you clearly haven't
learned much in this world) no rational argument will change your
beliefs, but I just want you to know.  I pity you, your family,
everyone who has had to meet you in their lives, and those poor poor
students that you have some bureaucratic sway over.



Wow! You are one evil son of a bitch. I hope one of these high school kids tracks you down and messes up your house, your car and hopefully your face. If that does not happen, God will show you what a rotten person you are as he casts you in to hell one day. 

By the way, your teeth are yellow.

"It's not OK"

I have read Van Shaver's attack on the teacher that allowed the "It's OK to be gay" article to be published in the Lenoir City High School year book. I have to say that living in the United Kingdom, as I do, I am surprised to see an individual holding public office in what the world regards as the bastion of democracy, making such a forthright attack on freedom of speech and thought. One would hope that if a High School was doing its job properly, it would be encouraging its students to debate, analyse and look at controversial issues from many angles. Schools should be preparing students to meet the real world head on and surely part of that must be to to listen to what others have to say, however much they might disagree with them initially. 

From what I read at this distance, Mr. Yoakley is doing his job well and should be regarded as a credit to the school and a contributor to the maintenance of the USA's traditional standards of freedom of speech and thought. Van Shavers attack is ill considered, unwarranted and an attack on good education.
Malcolm Willis,
Unitied Kingdom

Gay Article

I think its okay to be gay.  I think its not okay to say what you
said.  Rigorous studies done suggest that only 4% of the population is
gay and that this is pretty invariant across age from very early on.
That means probably 4% of kids in your school are gay and what you
said probably really hurt them.  If you at all believe in empiricism
you should check out the book
written by a Harvard neuroscientist.  It is a survey of the most
rigorous studies in the field.  You may believe it is morally wrong,
and you may not care about the self-acceptance of 4% of your
population, but what your doing as an authority in a school is hurting
people.  I think you owe them an impartial look into some of the most
credible sources (a la that book and others) before commenting or
acting further on this issue.


You do not know me, but I want you to know that your reaction to your students' year book article is sickening.  It is homophobic, bullying men like yourself that puts your entire country to shame.  

As a proud Canadian, living in a multiethnic, multicultural society, I feel truly sorry for my American brethren who are forced to hide their true selves or face ridicule because of people like yourself.  

I think you are the worst kind of human being.  As a leader in your community you should be encouraging love and camaraderie; your students look to your actions in shaping their beliefs.  You are fostering hatred.  You are teaching close-mindedness.  You are raising a new generation of bigots.  

You state that, "What I am intolerant of is an adult, a teacher no less, inflicting their personal beliefs and sexual orientation decisions on impressionable students".  In fact, it is YOU who is preaching intolerance and forcing your personal religious beliefs on those same impressionable students.

I urge you to retract your statements, and apologize to your students and community. 

Josh Koczerginski


My name is Aaron Scoggin, and I live in Eugene, OR. I read about your story, and I have to just say.. You, sir, are an idiot. Let me explain. You say that the teacher impressed their opinion and views on the impressionable students.. Now, tell me, do you have any evidence of this? Anything other than your own judgments and preconceptions? Have you seen said teacher telling students in a matter-of-fact way that the gay lifestyle is acceptable? If not, then you have absolutely no case. These kids are just trying to live their lives and make lives better for other people. They're showing exceptional leadership and humanity. 

If the teacher DID in fact do that, of course that's wrong. It's just as wrong as a priest coming in at an assembly and preaching, for they, too, ought to be arrested.



It's ok to be gay

Mr. Shaver,

I'm sure you're being flooded with emails regarding your recent blog post on the High School Yearbook article "it's ok to be gay". I'd like to let you know that your position is extremely hurtful to the LGBT community and your vocal opposition to such an article will likely lead to teens feeling even more uncomfortable being gay, and may even contribute to more teens taking their own life. I am a Biblical Scholar and a Christian Holding a Masters from one of the best seminaries in the country and I will tell you that even if you believe the Bible speaks strongly against homosexuality there is still a command that supersedes all those rules and that's to love and care for people who are hurting. 

Please consider revising your position and trying to make life for LGBT teens enrolled in your district less stressful and hate filled. We all know high school is rough for everyone, now imagine enduring it while a member of your school board is talking about prosecuting a person you confide in for even talking to you.

Thanks for your time.

Greg Laws

Van Shaver,

You have no place in education.

You have no place working with young people.

Please remove yourself from any position of authority which you may occupy and sell buttons to tourists or something.

Really, Mr. Shaver?  After reading your blog entry about the yearbook article, I first thought of calling you a pile of shit, but then realized that even shit has a purpose in this life.  YOU, SIR, HAVE NO PURPOSE IN LIFE, meaning you're worth even less than a pile of shit.
The only thing I thank you for is being stupid enough to give people like me a way to contact you.  Why don't you create a real blog where your readers can post public comments to your entries?
-Disgusted in Utah

It's not OK

Mr. Shiver.

Homosexual is not a "choice," as you said in your recent blog post

"If an individual wants to be a homosexual, that's their own decision ..."

I believe that the word you were grasping for was "bigotry," THAT is a choice.

Kurt Friese
Iowa City, IA

What is so wrong with a gay kid telling his story? You sir are a homophobic dirtbag and should crawl back into the deep dark closet you live in!

It's OK to be Gay

" If an individual wants to be a homosexual, that's their own decision and they will have to live with the consequences of that decision."

How's the weather back there in 1950?   
Toxic language like this is what's wrong with the country.. you are embarrassing us in front of the whole world.  


How sad it is that you are a Board Member of anything.  Instead of support and standing by our children, you are more concerned about spewing your vitriolic hate.

I pray one day that your ilk will be exposed for the hate mangers you are. You are simply bigots who have exchanged white hoods for suits. 

George Grayson

great quote

"If an individual wants to be a homosexual, that's their own decision and they will have to live with the consequences of that decision."
i can only assume you must not have any acquaintances that are gay and constantly struggling with their identity and where they fit in this world. homosexuality is not a choice, bigotry is.  Love for all mankind

It's Not Ok

Dear Mr. Van Shaver & Loudon County School Board/Staff,
I wanted to take the opportunity to discuss Mr. Shaver's recent blog entry It's Not Ok. I read in the Huffington Post about the situation regarding Lenoir City High School and the yearbook section titled It's OK to be Gay and the apparent offense that Mr. Shaver has taken.
Mr. Shaver is certainly entitled to his opinion regarding homosexuality, but the way he asserts that homosexuality is a choice worries me tremendously. It certainly is OK to be gay. 
As stated on his blog:
"Some might think I'm intolerant toward homosexuals but that would be wrong. If an individual wants to be a homosexual, that's their own decision and they will have to live with the consequences of that decision. What I am intolerant of is an adult, a teacher no less, inflicting their personal beliefs and sexual orientation decisions on impressionable students."
The very fact that he has to justify that he is not "intolerant" towards homosexuals in itself shows that he is very uncomfortable talking about the subject at the very least, even if he is not openly hostile about it. What bothers me the most is the assertion he makes that individuals "choose" to be homosexual. I would hope that a person in position of power/influence over the youth would at the very least, educate himself before using outdated rhetoric that has been proven, time and time again, to be incorrect. 
There is no "choice" in being gay. There is merely the choice to be open about your sexuality or deny that part of yourself in order to please others. I applaud this young man for being open and honest about his sexuality at such a young age in spite of being in a Southern state where it is dangerous for you to be openly gay. This young man made the choice to be honest with himself and those around him. 
Again, Mr. Shaver is entitled to his opinion regarding homosexuality. I, personally, believe God is loving and accepting of all. It is not our place to judge others, simply to live our lives to the best of our ability and leave our mark upon the world. I worry, that as an educator, he is leaving a negative mark on the youth of your school district.
Now, I admit, that I do not know this teacher or what he's done in the past beyond what has been reported. But I fully intend to educate myself by doing my due diligence and researching what has been stated and made public in the past. I do have to ask this question though: Isn't he, as an adult, inflicting his own personal beliefs regarding sexual orientation decisions on impressionable students? By coming out this strongly against the "freedom of speech" element in journalism, isn't he stating to the impressionable youth that It's Not Ok? I think his blog title says it all. 
Mr. Shaver, before you claim to be tolerant of homosexuals; I suggest you take a step back and reexamine your motives for doing this. Are you really doing what's best for the children? Or are you attempting to push your own beliefs onto them?
The South is often ridiculed by the remainder of America for the mere fact that we cling to our past instead of stepping into the future. I'm tired of the South-my home-being behind the times. I hope something that I've said today will resonate with some of you, if not...I've done what I can as a Gay Southern Man to make my opinion known.
Thank you for your time,
Charles Gardner
Mobile, Alabama

People like you are a dying breed

As easy as it must be to be anti-gay in your terrible small community,
beliefs like yours are dying and they are dying quick. Both
figuratively and literally. Although it seems you're a bit younger
than expected, the fact still stands that in 10 years homosexuality
will be just a normal thing for some people to be and you will be left
out in the back as the minority that just won't shut up about your
lost anti-gay cause.

People like you do nothing but make America look like a terrible place
to live in. As well, you are doing damage to your state when these
stories go public.

Please just shut up and act like a civilized accepting human being.
Instead of being the piece of shit bigot that you are.

F**k you

F**k you f**king piece of shit, i hope you get hit by a car, shot or stabbed.. You are a worthless christian a minority in this world and one quickly fading.
I hope you are raped and killed, it is the only reward your "god" owes to you ya F**king c**t nugget

your marvelous website

is a piece of shit. it looks like it was made in 1986. also your theory regarding homosexuality as a "choice" is hilarious. you are probably some huge hidden little faggot, hiding behind your bigotry and shitty culture. i am very glad i don't live in your state.

another hilarious thing about your website are the grammatical errors. yes, i don't capitalize anything in this email because you aren't worth the time, but your website seems to be your god granted task. despite this, you can't even spell certain things correctly. protip: heroes doesn't have an apostrophe. there is nothing possessive about the term, and it's pretty shameful that you can't even use your native language correctly. what a f**king idiot. and to think you're a teacher! no wonder states such as tennessee are filled with retards.

i'd like to close this statement of mine by saying that there is a hell, and you are living in it. you are hell.


michael tanski

PS. your thoughts regarding obama are hilarious as well. you are a real piece of work. i will pray for your extinction.


Mr. Shaver,

I am not going to completely bash you....  I am sure you have been receiving a lot of angry emails and such... I saw some of the comments on FaceBook when Huffington post ran this article.   I am a member of the Conservative Baptist Church, but I do not agree with your over-reaction to this article in the school yearbook.  It's a human interest piece.  Whether this kid is gay or not, he's still a human.  In this case, a human of interest because he is different than his classmates.  I think your reaction stems from fear and that you should be seeking comfort in Christ's love.  Love being the key word.  This anger is only leading you down a destructive path, and attempting to "crucify" a teacher is not the answer. 

Just remember homosexuality is NOT a choice and it's not some contagion that you can inoculate yourself against with a vaccine. It's like being French... Either you are, or you aren't.  It's that simple.  Opening our children's minds to the diversity of humanity and teaching them to respond with love and compassion will only make our children stronger.  We are suppose to instill "family" values in our offspring....  Hate and fear is not a family value. 

Just to put things in perspective....  Yes, Leviticus tells us that a man should not lay with another man, but it also states we are not suppose to eat shellfish, wear mixed fiber clothing, consume pork or cut our hair nor shave our faces.  True, these are all in the old testament.  I was always taught that the we have a new covenant with God... Thus the New Testament... If the New testament trumps the old testament.... (And I certainly hope it does, since I ate sausage gravy over biscuits this morning for breakfast and I am sitting here, typing this email while wearing a polyester-cotton blend shirt... Not to mention that I had a haircut last week)  ...then all we have are the 2 commandments that Christ gave the disciples...  Love the Lord your God, and your neighbor as yourself. 

You DO have a choice, Mr. Shaver...   Respond with love for your neighbor, or respond with hate and fear.  I pray you are prepared for the consequences of your choice.

Love in Christ,


You are a terrible person

You should be deeply ashamed.  If there is a hell, you will be spending plenty of time there for your entirely un-Christ like attitude towards acceptance for Gay students.  As a member of the Board of Education it is your job to PROTECT your students, both straight and gay.  Instead, you are using your position to indirectly attack and bully a High School student because he's different from you.  I want you to seriously think of how your all loving and forgiving Jesus would look at you, because it would be with disappointment.  I'm sure if there was a Jesus he wouldn't like you using his message of acceptance and all encompassing love for all mankind as an excuse for your idiotic bigotry and personal hatred.

You're an oppressed shit-head (excuse my language) who would apparently rather see hatred than acceptance among students.  The fact that you continue to have a job is a detriment to those you should have been serving.  Please do humanity a favor and live out the rest of your life away from the rest of us, because your bigotry and hatred reflects badly on the rest of us.

You sir should be charged with child abuse for the psychological damage you do to gay students everywhere with your hateful words and actions.  You're nothing but a pathetic bully picking on those you should be protecting (you must be very brave, does it make you feel like a real man to attack children?).

I eagerly await the day that your generation dies so intelligent discourse can replace your hatred and superstition

F**k Yourself  :)

Is it OK?

You said, "I know many other parents and members of our community expect a full and open investigation by school administrators and law enforcement into this issue and to hold accountable any and all those who had a hand in this despicable act."
What is dispicable is the fact that you are IGNORING the fact that children are killing themselves every day in this country because they feel they have no one to turn to in regards to understanding their sexuality. Because they truly believe "it is not ok." And you know what? By your actions, you are contributing to their deaths. You have contributed to the deaths of so many young people whose faces you and I will never see. They will see your words and it will confirm to them what they have heard from their peers, their family, and their churches: I am not OK. And when that 14 year old kills himself - his blood will be on your hands.
You are pathetic.
YOU are not OK.
Jonathan Bedell

School board

Dear Mr. Shaver,
    There's a lot of talk going around right now about what and what isn't "OK".  There's one thing that I am convinced is not ok though, and that's your condemnation of Mr. Yoakley and the student Zac Mitchell.  Being gay is not a choice, nor is your own (I assume) heterosexuality a choice, nor is it a choice to be partial to a particular song, or work of art, over another.  Why on earth would anyone choose to be gay in a culture where they are shat on by people such as yourself?  It most certainly isn't to be "different", or to make a point, or infuriate Christians; there are other ways to do all of those things without doing something as stigmatized at saying you're gay.  And anyway, how would someone make such a decision at such an early age (he kissed a boy when he was three years old)?
    You claim that Mr. Yoakley is promoting atheism and homosexuality.  Nowhere do I see a promotion of atheism; we cannot assume from his approval of a homosexual that he rejects God.  Nor is this a "promotion" of homosexuality.  It is simply stating that it is permissible.  That, despite the beliefs of your kind, Mr. Shaver, gay people are and should be accepted as normal, OK people in our society.  Mr. Yoakley and the writer of the article are not pushing homosexuality on the public at large, are not saying that EVERYONE should be gay.  They are simply saying what more and more people in this country have realized: if you think you're gay, don't be ashamed of it, feel proud, confident, and comfortable within yourself and your true identity! 
    Your claim that Mr. Yoakley should be fired is as ridiculous as you are Mr. Shaver.  If he discussed intimate details of any student's sexual activities, that is borderline inappropriate behavior, agreed.  But simply talking about a student's sexual orientation, whether or not they prefer men or women (not necessarily what they DO with that man/woman), is absolutely acceptable.  Would it be unacceptable for Mr. Yoakley to discuss with a different student their new girlfriend?  No?  So why is it unacceptable to discuss Zac Mitchell's boyfriend? 
    I certainly hope the school board of which you call yourself a member identifies and fires a certain substandard employee; needless to say, I don't think that man is Mr. Yoakley, who as far as I can tell is doing a courageous, commendable job as yearbook teacher. 
    Get your religion out of public education.  And while you're at it, why don't you leave yourself?

Haakon Williams
UC Santa Cruz=

Hello Mr. Shaver

Salutations Mr. Shaver,
My name is Corey Allgood, a 26-year old male, who has a very strong faith in God. I recently came across a news article mentioning your position in a very controversial matter involving one of the schools you oversee, one Lenoir City High School. To be completely blunt with you, I found everything that I was reading to be absolutely distasteful, and not at the fault of the writer.
What I read through this article was about a very strong religious influence over your staff and students, and a very homophobic view of the same groups. I began to feel uneasy about halfway through the article, and towards the end, the only way I could describe the emotion I felt was illness. I read your attacks on your students and administration, and came to realize that you hold all beliefs other than your own with such a disregard that you would go so far as to attempt to violate civil rights and liberties.
I want to spell something out to you, sir. You are attempting to get a person not only fired, but imprisoned, for their belief that all humanity is created equal. In fact, I would assume, in your own history classes, equality is being taught to students. If this is not the case, then I would say that I am more than appalled. What you are attempting to do is harassment. You are sexually harassing the student who was brave enough to stand up and say, "I'm different than you, and I'm proud."
Now, reading through your website, it's no secret that you are a very firm right-wing and religious God-fearing Christian. That's absolutely fine and I make no attempt to change you. You're not broken, so why would I want to fix you? Keeping with that, there's an old saying that says, "Hate the sin, not the sinner." I hate your sin that you are committing. You are preaching that segregation and prejudice are absolutely okay.
Between you and I, God did say in his teachings that you should love thine enemy. "Judge not, lest ye be judged yourself." You are doing the job of making everyone who believes in God look like an insane old cook, and let's face it, there are enough people out there doing that job for us already. Please don't fall in to their ranks.
I'm asking you, as one decent man to another to please end this pointless crusade. Please, I beg you, show the world that Christians can be great, loving people. Thank you for taking the time to read this.
Good day to you, sir.
-Corey Allgood

Your Opinions

My but you really are Self-Rightious aren't you ? dont like the e-mails you've been getting? Why, they must come from children who don't know any better! Obama ate dog ? No! He ate HIS dog! You twist facts and invent connections where none exist in order to justify your point of view. Please just Man up and  state that you don't like certain things simply because you don't like them. Stop trying to hide behind justifications, there are no justifications for what you think. You just think it( or better yet let's just say you just feel it, for it is extreemly apparent that what you state as your beliefs are not well thought out  ) and you dear sir will have to live with the consequences of holding tightly/blindly  to these unjustifiable and  hurtful Opinions/Beliefs.

I will be checking to see if you have enough courage of your convictions
to post this letter on your blog and more so to see if you are able to respond in a thoughtful non-paranoid and fact based manner.

Steve Shivers

Van Shaver's Intolerance

Dear Board,

I am disappointed and ashamed of Van Shaver's reaction to the yearbook article.

Schools are supposed to embrace diversity and promote equality. They should not be threatening students that are different to not attend graduation ceremonies, even though they have met all of the qualifications. School officials represent their district, and it's important on the national and international stage, that they do so in a positive light. When I heard about this outrage from a friend in India and New York, I was outraged. As an education professional working in Washington, D.C., I am outraged at Van Shaver's notions toward the yearobok advisor, yearbook writer and the student who was brave enough to talk about how he's different -- and how he's struggled because of his identity. The reaction should have been different:

What about the bullying?

What about the harassment he received?

What about protecting an individual who was brave enough to express his identity?

I have circulated this article to other education professionals in the area, including public policy makers that I am close to. I am sure they will be equally outraged. I've already heard of organizers rallying against this through petitions. Soon this will reach the hundreds of thousands, and I hope that action happens before then, because if not, it may be too late.

Scott Shigeoka
Education Professional
Washington, DC

Being a judgemental Bigot is unchristian dontchaknow

Just wanting to clarify for you if you can take a momentary break from your selfrighteous stupor that your intolerance of homosexuals is now being seen all over the continent and the influx of traffic to your 'blog' is due to your being a homophobe. You must be so proud. Don't try to implicate a teacher for allowing different viewpoints and life experiences to be shared with others as a criminal act, hypocrite. You should be ashamed of yourself and maybe find something in life to occupy yourself with so you can stop intruding needlessly in others lives where you don't belong. I feel sorry for you for the backlash of hatred and disgust you will be subjected to but you can always remember that you did it to yourself with your hateful opinion spewing and rash inappropriate judgement. Unbelievable the behaviour so-called 'christians' think they can get away with. Jesus would be ashamed of you and your intolerance and judgement passing to be sure.
Have a pleasant day if you can.

In regards to your opinions on homosexuality.

It is truly a shame to see someone in your position speaking out against the civil rights of students regardless of their orientation and those who support them. Whatever your twisted views on society may be they do not give you the right to shame or exclude anyone else for the choices they make in their own lives. You have chosen to use your position of authority to encourage bigotry amongst impressionable students and for that you should have the face the consequences of that choice. Hopefully you will receive the punishment you deserve for your actions in this situation. If you get away with a slap on the wrist just know that eventually it will come back around.
Yours in disgust,

It's not ok

I stumbled upon the story of your hate several times today and felt compelled to write. I am constantly surprised at the level of ignorance and hate coming from adults who are put in the position of teaching/caring/guiding students through life. You, sir, take the cake. To not only condemn a minor child for something that is out of his control (yes, he was born gay) but to publicize it? To call for the dismissal of a teacher, the kind of teacher we need more of, and call for a criminal investigation?!? What was criminal in his actions? His acceptance and nonjudgment of a gay student? Being gay is not a crime. Whether you like it or not, there have always been gay human beings. Levels of homosexuality are around the same percentages for most all species of animals. F**king google it if you have to. Homosexuality exists whether you like it or not. Allowing for open, honest discussions and giving someone a platform to try to help others understand, is not promoting anything but tolerance. I would very highly suggest you try to educate yourself before you hop on your pedestal and spew forth more of your asinine nonsense. I do have to say, kudos to you for putting on the internet for all to see. You have outed yourself as an ignorant, hateful, homophobe for all the world to see. You're soon to find out there are a lot more people that aren't like you in this world than are.  I hope you're prepared for public humiliation because it's coming. You deserve it. The child in this story didn't. The teacher in this story didn't. You do. You disgust me. You have no business being in the field of education.


Dear Mr. Shaver, 
Nice uproar against that gay kid. Its obvious you stay up at night flagellating yourself because you cant live with how badly you are craving c**k.
No one goes that batshit unless they are trying to hide something from the people that have the unfortunate pleasure of sharing their live.
Crawl back to the middle age where you belong and get scurvy.

As a member of your local school board, it behooves you to become educated on the current level of knowledge about homosexuality.
Anything less makes you guilty of child abuse.
 It has been scientifically proved 9by those who do not follow Creationist pseudo-science) that A: it is not a choice - ask yourself, would a person choose this?
B - it is natural - over 1000 species of animals, including our closest primate relatives, have homosexual practices in the wild.
C - it is part of the gay person's biology. A heterosexual Scandinavian couple, both biologist, have spent over 25 years studying the effect of male sexual pheromones on women. They accidentally discovered that while heterosexual males cannot smell this natural body excretion, homosexual men can, and are effected the same way heterosexual women are.
Since God does not make mistakes, maybe the preacher who told you it was acceptable to hold a public position while ignoring the US Constitution was WRONG.
Ike Rose, Brooklyn, NY

Year Book Issue

Hello Van,

I came to find your site after hearing about the "It's OK to be Gay" article in the Lenior City High School yearbook. For some context as to who I am, I'm an American taxpayer like you, a Paratrooper veteran with two combat tours in Afghanistan, and straight (happily married, FWIW.) I just wanted to reach out to you and let you know that you're no better than the fundamentalist Taliban we're fighting in OEF. You're a coward and a bully, and frankly, I'm ashamed that you get to call yourself an American. You obviously have very little understanding of the ideals that made this country great. I look forward to a future when men who think and speak as you do are properly marginalized and scorned. I fought to defend your freedom of speech, and I'm disappointed (although not surprised) that you squander it on bigotry.


P.S. Your smirking note about emails from opponents and their lacking grammar is itself riddled with punctuation errors. Go back and proofread; you write like a seventh-grader.

The gay article in a school newspaper

Honestly, mr. shaver, I do not know where to start.
Do I diagnose you as the casualty of the genetic randomness of birth, or are you actually interested in being as fucking stupid as you are on purpose?
You are so mindblowingly absurd and clearly a homophobic bigot that I am unsure as to how you managed to be elected to public office, let alone being given control over a school system.
I do not wish for your death because that would let you off the hook too easily. 
I instead prefer for the entirety of the rest of your life to consist of you being ridiculed as the moron you are.
When you walk down the street, I want you to feel shame. Why?
Because you are incredibly stupid. I'm 19 years old and I can look at you, a grown adult, and tell you that you are F**KING UP without hesitation or a hint of irony.
Your ignorance astounds me. I bet you j**k off alone and then feel guilty about it because someone told you that God existed and you never decided to query that statement.

Is it possible you could be a bigger douche?

Regarding your bigotry

I just read this article and your small minded bigotry is disgusting. We have been living on this earth long enough to get over the fact that we are all different and don't have to agree on everything-which does not give us any right to ruin other peoples lives!
You can do nothing about that. 
You have no right to belittle fellow human beings because they're different.
There has been no crime committed, therefore no criminal investigation is required.
The only person who has any sort of problem here is you and your fellow bigoted hating groupies.
You might like to pay attention to this article.
Kind Regards.
C Henderson
Van Shaver, The Kids Are All Right With Out You Leave Them Alone

Mr. Van Shaver,

I cannot see how you as an adult would lead a campaign to bully a 17 year old gay high school student, a fledgling journalism student and a compassionate teacher who obviously is an excellent teacher and role model. You sir should be ashamed of yourself for what you are doing and the controversy you are causing. You stirring one group to hate against another, that does nothing to promote the values of community and education. I do not see how you are fit to be on the Loudon County Schools Board of Education. Really though, I just wanted to write this letter to let you know that  a lot of us out here in the United States as well as around the world tend to think that you're a f**king asshole.
John Strodtman
San Antonio, TX
Dear Van

You are a sick fascist c**t. You cannot stop people from being who they are if they are not physically harming anyone. Two people of the same gender falling in love does not cause harm. If you disagree, you are delusional. Shut the f**k up and keep your nazi views to yourself. F**k you infinitely. Don't bother replying because I won't ever see it.

An oppressed queer person 
God is fake you stupid mother f**ker

Leave the gay high school student alone

Grow up, you hate mongers. A proud young man should be celebrated, not condemned and harassed!  Why don't you actually do something positive for your community instead of creating hate?  You're mentally and socially crippled. 

Sent from Shelley's iPhone=

Thank you Mr. Shaver!

For removing all doubt that you are an ignorant bigot who should be kept away from schools!

useless bigot

how about we fire or arrest you for being a discriminatory piece of
garbage?  how's it feel to be hated by people you don't even know,
asshole?  you have no business meddling in the education of our nation's
children.  go crawl back under your rock.

Yearbook Piece

I read your ranting about the Its OK piece in your local yearbook. Let me just say that homophobic bigots like you make me sick. To suggest that homosexuality is a choice or can somehow be taught demonstrates just how ignorant you are. There is absolutely nothing wrong with teaching young people tolerance and acceptance. People like you give Americans a bad name. I suggest you learn what Christianity is actually about because its fairly evident that you do not represent Christian views or values, but rather gross intolerance.

Your recent post on your website,, about the page in the local yearbook promoting the acceptance and opinions of a local gay youth is despicable. While I generally work very hard to not judge people or make assumptions, I think I have you pretty whitigured out, and I know how you will respond to this criticism, so save your time and dont. That withstanding, I would like you to know my opinion. You are closed minded, you lack the most important humanizing characteristic in a person, empathy. I find it incredulous that you would find an article about a student finally gaining peace of mind and acceptance of who he is so offensive that you would lash out against him. And not just him, but his support system, the people that he knows and cares about.

If there is a hell, it is reserved for people like you, who spend there days working tirelessly to make life for other people more difficult, confusing, and abusive.

You should be ashamed of yourself

Mr. Shaver

Heterosexuals, including myself, "inflict their beliefs" on everyone in America all the time through movies, advertisements, and the constant assumption that people are straight.  People who are homosexual deserve to have a voice too.  You should be ashamed that you allow yourself to let intolerance guide you through life. I pity you.


Really, Mr. Shaver?

 By your very statement you have shown that you are biased against homosexuals, despite your claims to the contrary. Given your stand  and apparent lack of knowledge of what is in fact criminal or non-criminal behavior, I find it astounding that you are still on any school board. As it is unlikely that you will see the hypocrisy of your statement, please pay attention to those of us who are willing to point it out to you. Please also take this time to consider resigning from the school board before you do further harm to the reputations of your town and your state. I will pray for your tormented soul in church on Sunday. May God bless you with better sense, sir.
Mark J. Linenbreg


so many words... are they all as stupid as it would appear from your neanderthal world view... thank god they keep trash like you in TN

its ok to be gay

your opinions are that of a sub human... Stop being such a moron and get a clue.  It is 2012 and you look like a real fool...

Shame on you

I think it's cute that you posted a whole 9 emails in response to your hateful blog post. I predict your inbox choking with more soon.

Jennifer Royce=

If you think it's okay to make gay students feel inferior and ignored because of their sexuality then you're obviously shit at your job.=

Your hate-filled attack on a decent teacher is attracting attention nationwide

I'm a proud native son of Tennessee; but the fact that people like you
are elected to school boards is part of why I moved to Wisconsin many
years ago. I feel sorry for both that kid and that teacher, having to
do with this kind of ignorant hate (since when do "Christians"
consider compassion a criminal act?) My daughter goes to a school
where several of the kids are dealing with these kinds of problems,
and they no more "chose" to be as they are, than I "chose" to be a
straight man: they are as the Lord Almighty made them, in His wisdom,
and who am I to question it? Read Job 38:4

Of course, I see by your blog that you're a "birther": so in spite of
your alleged Christianity, you are obviously impervious to mere facts.

I thought you should know that you are making Loudon County an example
for mockery and disdain from decent non-bigoted people across the

Michael J. "Orange Mike" Lowrey

"When I get a little money I buy books; and if any is left, I buy food
and clothes."
     --  Desiderius Erasmus

The yearbook controversy

Dear Mr. Shaver,

I am sorry to hear that your community is embroiled in controversy over a Yearbook article that profiled a gay student. When you wrote that it was a twisted world that believes it is o.k. to be gay, you've given me an idea of your worldview. When you describe what happened as promoting homosexuality in the schools, you have given me your understanding of journalism as practiced in high school.

My understanding is that you are a Christian; I am too. When I move to Knoxville for my studies over the next four years, I will be looking for an open and affirming church that does indeed, believe it is o.k. to be gay. Call me a non-Christian or a heretic, but my understanding of God and Christ is so much different than yours, but we are united in our belief that Jesus is the Son of God. I am not going to change your mind on this, I know, but I weep at how many of us Christians marginalize and express our intolerance. Zac Mitchell is just a symbol to you--a boy who is part of a "homosexual lifestyle." He is a child of God who has experienced bullying because for whatever reason he was wonderfully made by a loving God to be different in his sexuality. As a Christian, I would urge you to put yourself in his shoes--to be harassed and mistreated because of his identity.

Where I hope (vainly, probably) that I can make some headway in your thinking is your understanding of journalism. I have 20 years of experience in that area, and I can tell you that there is no post harder to be in than journalism adviser. It is apparent that you can not imagine yourself in the position of James Yoakley, who you have advocated to be fired. Wow.

So for you, the issue is that the yearbook promoted homosexuality... It did no such thing. It ran a profile about a student who was openly gay. There was not an editorial promoting or advocating homosexuality, it was not the focus of the Yearbook itself. Please consider this honestly... if there had been a profile about a female student who had decided to keep her baby instead of having an abortion, would you think the Yearbook was promoting sexual activity among teens? Honestly, Mr. Shaver, just because a Yearbook or a newspaper covers a controversial subject doesn't mean it promotes the beliefs of its subjects. And I bet that 20 years from now at the class reunion, one of the topics will be about how Zac Mitchell's fellow students reacted to his being gay...and what that was like. As a newspaper editor, I always said that I wrote a newspaper to cover what people are talking or thinking about.

Mr. Shaver, I expect most the emails you are getting are either extolling your virtues or tanning your hide. I hope I am not one of those. Don't let the emails that praise you puff you up, and don't let the emails that criticize you blind you to what they are saying.

My two cents--your heart could grow a size or two in compassion for Zac Mitchell and you need to give Mr. Yoakley a break and an apology. Pray about it. Really.


Eric Gubelman


Mr Shaver is a moron and a bigot. Tell him to please not learn anything about human sexuality an d continue to talk about things he knows little to nothing about. Good role model for youth.


for being a bigot and for being a despicable human being. Someday you will learn what it is like to be hated when you've done nothing wrong. 
Until then, may your gay relatives- and you know there probably is one... shit or piss in your food on Thanksgiving to secretly get you back!!!!
You will never know will ya.  F**K YOU.

It's ok to be gay

It's the exactly the right thing to do to encourage kids to talk about who they are, including gay kids. You could be standing on the side of such principles, but instead you have tripped over your own issues. These kids have enough issues of their own. They don't need to bear the brunt of yours.
Michael Wickler

You are disgusting example for children.

For homosexuals to choose to be so is simply not the way it works. Did you have to sit down and decide you were a heterosexual? I thought not, you simply noticed yourself being attracted to others because that is the way sexuality is always discovered. How can you not be a bigoted anti homosexual, if you believe they will have to suffer for being themselves? I am glad my children are not in your inbred, backwoods hate filled state and school district. Jesus weeps for your hate and insensitivity.

you are hurting people. please stop

It's ok to be gay

This is exactly the right message to be telling our kids. Bullying of kids needs to stop, and the kind of crazy reaction some of you "adults" are having is wrong wrong wrong.
Michael Wickler

Your Comments

The comments on  your blog are what is despicable and you, sir, should resign from the school board.  You have no business making decisions that affect young adults.  Young adults, by the way, that can think and make decisions on their own without your censoring.
You have pushed your state into the Stone Age.  Oh wait, you probably don't believe in the Stone Age.  Sorry.

It's Not OK

Mr. Shaver:
You are a freak. There is no logical or sane reason for your hatred of gay people, and your opinion and stance.
You are the reason people hate religion.
Your an abomination.

Your stand on the "Gay" essay

You are an idiot.


Paul moscardini

God told me there's only one Criminal

Van or Sarah (whatever male or female identity you go by):

There's only one criminal in this argument you put out and it's you.  You are a criminal to the Constitution of this great country.  You are the terrorist whose cowardly acts are shameful to this country's founding fathers and mothers.  But guess what, in ten years, Homosexuality will be widely accepted, even in TN.  The intolerance you preach will be laughable to the everyone.  You and people like you will be scarce and be looked down like a unless spent condom.  The hate you push will only galvanize our fight for equality and tolerance.  When your time comes and you die, we will celebrate your entrance into Hell's fire and eternal damnation.  God himself will toast will Satan to celebrate the torment you and people like you suffer for eternity. 

Maybe if you stop inbreeding, things will be better for your descendents; otherwise, your abominations will suffer the wrath of God and Satan.  Enjoy and f**kin' grow-up; it's the 21st Century.  In 20 yrs, this country will have no White, Black, Yellow, Brown people; there will only be Americans and you will commit suicide because of it.  Good Luck and I hope you don't mind if we celebrate now.


You are a gay-bashing bigot.

For "christians" like you, its all about hate.

You are disgusting.

dan steinberg


Hey Van,
You know homophobia is a major sign of being a repressed homosexual, right?
You want my c**k, I know it.
Just open up your mouth and lick it.
You know you want to.
Now we ALL know you want to.

You are a sick sick person

Because you feel that a gay student should not be comfortable with being themselves and being ashamed of it, you think the teacher that affirms them should be fired.

You are a sick sick person, and I hope that God can forgive you, but I will not. You deserve to be ridiculed by the entire town and known for the bully and abhorrent person you are.

-Angry Reader

Great blog on gay student

What a meaningless, baseless idiotic piece of drivel. Your insights into the complexities of being human are those of a mud turtle. Your writing level is that of a 5th grader. No wonder your great state enjoys the distinction of being the backwoods hickish lowlife capital of the US. What a despicable racist homophobic cretan you are. Ain't yo momma prideful that that boy of hern done growed up into fine man! Disgusting.

you are probably getting a lot of hate mail, this is NOT that

Dear Sarah,

You are in fact intolerant of gay people. No one chooses to be gay, what kind of stupid decision is that? Do you really think that gay people want to be part of society that is openly hated and discriminated against? I hope you weather the storm, as i suspect some of my gay brothers and sisters will be (rightfully) outraged at your bigotry, remember that you  started the hate fest an remember that your bigotry is contributing to the suffering of people all around the world, Jesus would be disappointed in you. I know I am.

Reverend R. D. Maloney

It is ok

It is ok to be gay and I think the year book posting was perfectly ok.  Homophobia should be tackled at all levels.  I believe in free speech so please have your outdated opinions but do not manifest them in your position

Please question the role of a 'Board of Education'

Members of the Lenoir City Board of Education:

Your colleague, Van Shaver has brought your district national attention with his ignorant and hateful blog entry,
"It's Not OK". As a Board of Education, I would presume the safety of the children in your community would be 
of utmost importance. I would hope all of you will do the right thing and stand up for all children and parents and denounce this type of behavior for what it is. America will be watching you with the hopes that you do the right thing.

James Lynch
comments on your blog post

I am sickened by what I have just read. Absolutely sickened.

In a time when kids as young as 8 who know they are gay, are committing suicide due to the constant bullying they encounter, and the never ending string of hateful words from adults., you should be ASHAMED of yourself for what you wrote..
NOBODY chooses to be gay!!!  Did you choose to be straight?? Did you?  Can you choose to be gay??  
I recommend you educate yourself and learn something by learning about the Trevor Project., an organization that helps struggling gay kids who are tired of hearing crap like this from adults.
Then, I want you to learn about Asher Brown....start here.
Shame on you and your backwards state...the laughable, sickening witch hunt that is taking place there will not be remembered well by history.  
God forgive you.