Time To Retreat

For four years in a row now, the Loudon County School Board is headed to Gatlinburg for their three day, tax payer funded retreat. And don't think for a minute that they'll be staying at the Super 8, tax payers can afford much better than that. 

This years "retreat" will be March 11-13. They will be staying at the five star Clarion Inn & Suites with all the amenities.

You might think it wouldn't cost that much for ten board members and the director to go to Gatlinburg. However, this tax payer junket is family friendly. Board members, administrators, principals, and any family they want to take along will get in on the free trip.

There's two things I've always wondered about, why do they need to go to Gatlinburg to discuss Loudon County business and how many of them would go if they had to pay their own way?

You may remember just last month Dr. Professor Ubben and Dr. Music Best were busted by other board members for taking a tax payer funded trip to Nashville without the other board members knowledge. Now I beginning to think the other board members weren't so much upset about the secret trip by the doctors but more upset that the rest of them didn't get to go.

The total cost of these three day trips usually runs between ten to fifteen thousand dollars. Money that could be used for the little children.

Think to about two weeks ago when I requested the school board consider offering firearm safety to children. Remember one of the concerns raised? That's right, the costs. But when it comes to a three day mini vacation, money appears to be no object.  

Guess it's all about priorities.