Time For Some Corrections

More than two years ago when I started what some might call online citizen journalism, I never imagined how it would evolve. I can not take credit for the success of the web site because most of the stories on the site have come as a direct result of some one bringing something to my attention. So the success of vanshaver.com is a product of many people who are just fed up with the status quo. To me it's a testament to how much people want to know what's going on around our community.

One of the more controversial aspects of the web site has been the blog pages. I knew when I started it it could be contentious. I felt and still feel that people need a place where they can express their views without fear of retribution. But I chose to keep control of the content of the blog by not allowing self posts. I had a firm policy in place that I would only publish blogs of opinion or blogs of fact if the facts were verifiable by me.

However in all honesty, for the last little while I have been far too lax with my own policy. There is a great difference between a statement of fact and a statement of opinion. I have allowed post that made some very strong statements of fact that may or may not have been true and that's not right.

So, from now on I am going back to following my own policy. Any posts submitted for the blog must be a statement of opinion or a statement of fact if the facts can be verified.

All that said, I want to thank everyone who has made vanshaver.com the success it has been and would encourage you to continue to send your tips, stories and opinions. Knowledge is power and the more we all know the more power we all have.

Government authority and control is only increased by the citizens failure or refusal to resist it.