No matter what you call it, it still stinks. When you see developers show up at city council or commission meetings with big plans to help the community, you better hold on to your wallet.

The latest one looking for the tax payer's to bail him out is Lenoir City developer, Mark Matlock owner of Construction Design And Management. Matlock thought he had found a loophole in the system by changing the name of his plan.

Developers want to make the whole, give me your money, thing sound complicated and as if by giving away tax dollars some how is a good idea. In reality, it's very simple.

Developer borrows X amount of money from the bank. City/county pays back the developer's loan over a designated number of years with tax payer money. Sound complicated? It's not.

There is never an appropriate time for local government to use tax dollars to help developers and this one is no exception. Hopefully Lenoir City officials will not fall for this one.