THP: 4 dead 1 injured after crash on Hwy 411 in Loudon County
THP has release the info on the deadly crash at 7115 Highway 411 South.

Vehicle one was a 1987 GMC van driven by Darryl Kenny Brewer, 34 of Maryville. He died i...n the collision.

Vehicle two was a 2014 Nissan Altima 4 door driven by Mitchell E. Armour, 43 of Lenoir City. He was injured in accident..
Passenger 1 in Armour's vehicle was Winnie L Burris, 39 of Old Fort, TN was killed. Passenger 2 was Wiley Burris, 13, of Old Fort, TN also killed. Passenger 3 was Destiny Vires, 13 of Benton, TN. also killed.

According to THP Brewer's vehicle was traveling north on Highway 411 when he crossed all lanes of traffic and struck the Armour vehicle in the slow lane of the southbound side. Brewer was ejected from the vehicle, which ended up burning in a field while the Armour vehicle stopped in the southbound slow lane.