This Is War

What's wrong with so many Americans today? We are at war. It's a real war where the very survival of this country is at stake. The enemy are Muslims. These are madmen. Crazed, blood thirsty madmen who want nothing less than to kill every American and if they can achieve the means, they will not hesitate to kill all of us. The scariest part is that now the technology in the form of nuclear weapons would give them the ability to wipe us out. These are not rational people, you cannot reason or negotiate with them. The only possible way to stop them is to kill them

Not since the early times of World War II has this country been so close to annihilation. In fact, during the WW II era, neither Germany nor Japan had the technology or the ability to erase America from the earth. This is not the case today.

When I hear those bleeding heart liberals and news organizations whining and moaning about how wrong America is in our war on terror, it makes me sick. Are these people just so ignorant that they can not grasp the seriousness of the enemy we face? Are do they just hate America.

What if we had had CNN coverage on the beaches in Normandy on D-Day? I can just see it now. Wolf Blitzer would be in one of the German pill boxes broadcasting live about how the Americans just don't understand the German view point. Or MSNBC's Chris Matthews at Okinawa belittling the presidents handling of the war in the Pacific. I doubt seriously if we had had the liberals and media in 1943 that we have now, we could have ever won the war.

I myself am a little bothered by the way Bush has handled the war in Iraq. Not that we invaded and overthrew the government but that we didn't go in with overwhelming force and utterly destroy the place. During the American Civil War when General Sherman was bombarding Atlanta, he was asked if his tactic of laying waste to to the entire city was not somewhat extreme. Sherman replied, "these people wanted war. We will give them war until they will never want war again." This would be a good strategist for the war on terror.