This Is Criminal
Sand-filled gabion baskets line the embankment along Fort Loudoun Dam. TVA is raising the elevation of four of its dams to help reduce the risk of flooding in the event of inclement weather.

Almost exactly four years ago, TVA started placing those hideous green sand baskets all along the top embankments of both Ft. Loudon and Tellico dams. Supposedly these sand baskets were needed in the event of a biblical flood.

After spending millions and millions of dollars to install the sand baskets, TVA officials admitted the calculations used on just how much rain would have to fall for these baskets to be needed were flawed. In fact, they admitted there had never been a rain event of those proportion and there never would be. So, great news right?

Not so fast. Doubling down on their stupidity, TVA is now removing the temporary barriers to replace them with permanent structures, some concrete and some just dirt. 

Something is very wrong here. They throw away millions on the sand baskets, then spend millions more to remove them and replace them for a flood that will never come. What am I missing here?

This whole debacle is being paid for with tax dollars and rate payers money. If TVA has this kind of money to throw away, they could instead lower our power rates.

Officials at the state or federal level need to investigate what in the world is going on here. This is crazy. This just doesn't pass the smell test.