This email came to me from a gentleman in Arizona. I wrote back to ask if I could publish the letter and gained permission. I wanted to share this letter with readers because I feel it's important that hear from others who have already been through what we in Loudon County are just now facing. The illegal alien problem here has not peaked nor is it about to subside. How far away can the day be when we see illegals protesting in the streets of Loudon County for greater rights? It's coming.

Hello, Van!

A friend and co-worker of mine sent this to me (she’s Mexican) and I thought you’d enjoy it.  The reason I stress she’s Mexican is because I read on your website about how so many people talk about illegal immigration, but nobody does anything about it.  Having grown up in either Los Angeles (22 years) or Phoenix (9 years), I have often asked the same question.  In my lifetime, especially in the last 5 years, I run into and talk with more and more Americans of Mexican origin who tell me how much they despise illegals, and I won’t forget to mention your average white or black American who despises them as well.  However, my shining admiration and respect doesn’t get extended to them.  It gets extended to the ones that shared the sidewalk with me and my friends and family when we were protesting illegal immigration in front of the Mexican Consulate here in Phoenix.  At those protests, there were many races, many creeds, but one thing in common……all Americans who loved our Constitution and Declaration of Independence!

While we were on these sidewalks protesting the mass invasion from the south, which according to Article IV, section 4 of the Constitution is the duty of the United States to protect us from, we had people driving by, honking showing us thumbs up.  Why didn’t they stop and get out and stand with us?  We also had those drive by, the invaders from Mexico, who flipped us off and shouted slurs at us.  These are the same invaders that for two years in a row, I saw march on our city’s streets telling us that we need to change our laws and give them more concessions, all 100,000+ of them.  Really??!!  Our streets are being given over to Mexican drug lords, crime, especially unlawful shootings and kidnappings (plus sex crimes) are on the increase because of these invaders and we’re supposed to lay down a red carpet for them?  The women and girls who smuggle themselves or get smuggled across our border are raped and their underwear displayed on trees as trophies of these invading men’s “manhood” (yes this happens!), and when they get here they’re constantly gawking at hooting and whistling at our daughters/sisters/mothers/wives while mentally disrobing them, and we’re supposed to let them steal our jobs and move into and take over our neighborhoods?  I don’t know about the average American, but I will make my voice be heard.  I will fight this to the end, and my suggestion to you is to tell your readers to get involved in everything!  Stop complaining, and be a part of the solution.

It broke my heart, literally, when I saw the pictures under the article on your site titled “El Salon de Fiestas”.  I read the article and saw an all too familiar story….illegals coming in and taking over as if they owned us and our land.  I grew up with this, and everywhere I’ve been I have seen this very same thing happen, and who’s the racist ones?  Who are the hateful ones?  Why are you all getting such an influx of illegals?  Because the one’s who will benefit from their cheap labor and who hate our Constitution (a.k.a. big government, super-rich elitists, etc.) are busing them in.  I have a very good friend who knows someone who lives in a small town in Ohio who had this happen.  This was a town with a population under 10,000, and these jack asses have been trying every month for several years to bus these illegals in.  However, this town took a stand, and each time they make sure these illegal invaders don’t stay.  I don’t know if you realize just how bad the illegal immigration problem is, but there are a lot more here than you think.  When I can walk into my very own workplace, the state government, and see a Mexican woman wearing a shirt that says “We’re here to stay. We’re going to keep having lots of babies and we will me the majority” it tells me their real intentions.  I have heard it before and will be happy to share it with you….these Mexicans believe this is their land and they want it back, and we dare not stand in the way.  If you’d like a more candid and realistic view of their true intentions, go to and you will get a clear picture.  But, you didn’t get that from me. 

Van, I commend you and what you’re doing taking a stand against deceitful government, and I encourage you to keep going, dig deeper, because the truth is something the media will never share with us anymore.  It is up to us, the individual, to make sure the truth doesn’t suffocate to death.  Other websites I’d like to share with you is and .  I encourage you and your readers to read the most important document we have in this country next to the Word of God, and again I stress, don’t believe the lies that the 14th Amendment wasn’t ratified, because it was.  While you’re at it, read the Declaration of Independence.  We have a very subtle civil war on our hands, and if Americans would just wake up and stop letting themselves get blindfolded and distracted by lies and distortions, we can win this country back and be a Republic again as intended by our founding fathers.  Keep up the good work!


 Christian Bradshaw in Phoenix, AZ

P.S.  I saw the videos of the emotional tirade by the mayor of Lenoir City and I know that Wal-Mart is always having a sale on baby diapers and formula.  Matt Brookshire needs to be watched because I see in him something that tells me he’s putting your neck of the woods towards a path of internationalization and you can bet that’s why your town has illegals.