Third Reich:The Rise & Fall
Third Reich: The Rise & Fall (2010) Poster

I know we are always suppose to be careful when we compare modern times and people with Adolph Hitler and the Nazi's. But if you have never seen the History Channel's documentary, Third Reich: The Rise & Fall, it's almost a must, just to see how easily people can be led down the wrong road.

Most everyone is familiar with with the events of World War II and all the atrocities that took place during that time. But most are far less familiar of how Hitler came to power to begin with. This documentary deals heavily with that aspect.

It's hard not to see a lot of similarities between Germany of the 1920's and 30's as Hitler rose to power and our country today. By many, Hitler was loved and almost worshiped. School children sang songs of praise to Hitler. The main stream media of the day praised Hitler as the greatest leader Germany ever had. TIME Magazine even named Hitler, "Man Of The Year" in 1938. Any of this sound shockingly familiar? You could almost change the names from Hitler to Obama and Nazi's to democrats and all the pieces would fit right in.

Don't take issue with my observation, just watch the entire documentary and decide for yourself. It's an eye opening show.