Things Just Are

After nearly 35 years of marriage you learn some things just are what they are.

If you look at the picture above it might not make much since without an explanation. This is the floor of our closet. Thirty years ago this was what was called a walk-in closet. It's about ten feet long. Supposedly, the left side is hers and the right side is mine. It might seem as though it is a bit of a mess but actually it's what my wife calls organized.

You see to the far right, lower front corner right against the wall of the closet a pair of brown shoes and a pair black shoes? Those are mine and the only pairs of shoes I own except for the boots on my feet.

Now you see all the boots, shoes and sandals from my shooes all the way to the left continuing out of the picture to the end of the closet? Yep, those would be the wife's. It's been this way most of our married life. We have discussed the issue of her shoes leaking over to my side of the closet many, many times and how unfair it is for her to take my space.

I told her to keep her shoes on her side and I would keep my shoes on my side. We came to a compromise. I'll keep my shoes on my side and she'll keep her shoes on her side and my side.  

So all you newlyweds or you guys and gals thinking of getting married, just remember, a strong marriage comes through compromise.

Some things just are what they are.