Things Change, I guess

Back in 2006 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for county mayor. After I lost in the primary election, I would not support the republican primary winner for a host of reasons. However, I did not openly support his opponent in the general election.

My failure to support the republican primary winner got me in hot water with the local republican party muckety-mucks. Those of you who have followed the web site for a long time probably remember this whole saga. But for those who are not familiar with the story, below is the letter I received way back when.

I'm going somewhere with this. Stick with me.  

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Back in August, State Representative, Julia Hurley, lost her bid for re-election to fellow republican, Kent Calfee in the state republican primary. Since then, Ms. Hurley has been openly and strongly supporting one of Mr. Calfee's opponents, independent candidate Alan Cole. She has repeatedly asked others to vote for Mr. Cole publically and even on her facebook page. Ms. Hurley hasn't been shy when it comes to dogging Mr. Calfee either.  

Can you see where I'm going with this? I'm pretty sure Ms. Hurley's position on Mr. Calfee is well known to the local republican party. In fact, I think she's even Harry Wampler's campaign treasurer for his city council election.

Now, before anybody jumps to conclusions, I have no problem with Ms. Hurley's decision to or not to support any particular candidate. As I said then and still say, anybody should be able to vote/support/oppose any candidate they want.

The rub comes with, where's the local republican party on the matter? Back in 06, it was apparently a very serious matter if you didn't blindly follow the direction of the party. So either Ms. Hurley has been publicly reprimanded by her party like I was back in 06 and we just haven't heard about it or the local republican party has changed their position on the requirement that every republican must toe the line or, and most likely, how one is treated by the party depends on who one is and who one knows.

Anyway, just thought this would be a good time to make a point.