The Thing That Would Not Die


Just like a horror movie, when you think the bad guy is dead and everyone has relaxed, the bud guy jumps back up and again starts reeking havoc and mayhem.

Just when it appeared the county had driven the final death nail in the absurd Dr. Bob Overholt Town Creek development's twenty million dollar TIF request, apparently the body wasn't quite dead. Seems Overholt and company are coming back to life again to ask the city tax payers to pay for their development. With the county out of the plan, the best they could hope for would be seven or eight million. Surely the city council won't fall for the snake oil pitch again.

As the above public notice directs, I went to City Hall to request a copy of the new application and map. To my great pleasure, Mayor Brookshire himself was there with Treasurer/Recorder, Maggie Hunt. I made a request to the Mayor and Ms. Hunt for the documents. Brookshire stated that he "didn't know anything about it" and told Ms. Hunt if she didn't know anything about it, not to bother with my request. Brookshire then went into the city administrator's office and closed the door behind him.

How is it possible that the city mayor would know nothing of a developers request for tax money or a planned public hearing. Is someone keeping secrets from the mayor? Was he being less than truthful? Or does he just not know what's going on around him? Either way you look at it, it's not good for city residents. It's starting to look like nobody knows what's going on at city hall.