These Are Great

I guess the old saying is true, the only way to avoid getting old is death. I guess I'll take old age. But with age come a lot of not so great changes. Not the least of which is poor eye sight.

Oh, I can see the sun, moon and stars. I can see red lights and stop signs and such but put some printed material in front of me and pretty much just blur. So to compensate, I have strategically stationed reading glasses all around, on my desk, by the bed, in my truck and even at the farm. But still I find myself in need yet without my extra eyes.

When I went to early vote I quickly realized I forgot to bring my spectacles from the truck so I could see who I was voting for. Fortunately, an old friend of mine who also suffers from visual impairment saved the day for me.

Lenoir City mayor, Tony Aikens, said "here try these." He handed me a small box. I said what's this? Opened the box and inside was a small, folded pair of glasses. They unfolded to full size and were comfortable.

Went straight to CVS and bought a pair. Now my world has changed. I can have reading vision with me at all times.

If you're like me and you just can't carry regular glasses in in your pocket without breaking them or losing them, these little babies are just right. They're very well made and comfortable and when folded in the carrying case, just about the same size as my truck's key fob. They're called Magnivision.

They work for me and might be right for you.