The .Com Car

Some of you have asked about the police car that seems to be at my house all the time. Well, it's mine. Yep, it's a real to goodness police car with all the whistles and bells. What little boy hasn't at one time or another wanted a police car.

A little over a year ago I had an opportunity to finally get a real police car. I thought it would be just what I needed to respond to any breaking news or action that I could report at And it has worked well for that purpose. We call it the .Com Car. If I hear some action breaking on the news or scanner, it's off to the the .Com Car for the story and pictures.

It's a lot of fun to drive. Other drivers seem to be more courteous and friendly and nearly always give you the right-of-way and when you are behind someone they nearly always use their turn signals.

Here's the problem. Now I hardly ever drive the .Com Car any more. It sits a lot more than it goes and we all know that's not good for any car. It sits under it's carport collecting dust for days on end. Then I decide I'm going to sell it. I get it out, clean it up, drive it around for a while and decide I don't want to sell it. I've only put about 2000 miles on it since I bought it back in November of 07.

Well, I've come to an excruciatingly painful decision. I'm going to sell the .Com Car unless I change my mind again. It's a 2003 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor, blacked out. It's still equipped with it's wig-wag lights and sirens. No strobes or blue lights. It's got a shade under 110,000 miles. Still runs out great. New brakes and other repairs.

If you have ever wanted your own police car, here's your chance. If interested send me an email or call before I change my mind again.