That's Just Mean

Once again Mr. Arp has disrespected his position and for that matter Loudon County. Fortunately, once again Pat Hunter had her cameras rolling and captured the whole thing.

At the last commission workshop during the public comment time, Ms. Terri Johnson a grandmother of four children in Greenback School, rose to address the commission about the building program. She didn't get very far before Arp interrupted her to take her to task. Arp couldn't wait to point out that she doesn't live in Loudon County therefore doesn't pay county property tax. The whole thing was just disgusting.

It's quit ironic that Arp would throw off on someone who he thinks doesn't pay Loudon County property taxes. Of course as usual, he was wrong. Ms. Johnson does live just across the county line in Monroe County but she also owns property in Loudon County and she does pay Loudon County property taxes.

Guess who doesn't pay any Loudon County property taxes? You guessed it. Doyle Arp. According to the Tennessee Real Estate Assessment Data web site, Mr. Arp doesn't own any property in Loudon County and therefore pays no Loudon County property tax.

Regardless of any of the facts above, there's no excuse for treating anybody the way Mr. Arp treats people. At least it won't be this way much longer.

Below are the three videos captured by Ms. Hunter and the link to her story.

No statesmanship at public meetings

Video 1. Second to speak was a grandmother

Video 2. The Mayor explained

 Video 3. I am fixxin to cut you off"