That's Crazy


This past weekend, I had the misfortune to have to travel into the nether regions of west Knoxville, North Shore, Concord area to be specific. I saw some very strange sights in a very strange land.

First thing I encountered was what they call a round about. This is a large, round concrete curb right in the middle of a major intersection. There's about 40 signs pointing everybody in different directions and obviously no one had any idea which way they were suppose to go, including me. I went around that thing fourteen times before I finally figured out how to get off of it. And when I did, I was going the opposite direction I wanted to go.

Not sure what pencil pushing, desk sitting engineer came up with this crazy thing but it's a sight to behold.   

The next thing I saw could only be described as looking like something from the Twilight Zone.

Rising high above the horizon and the natural tree line was something that looked like some kind of gigantic, mutant pine tree. Now I'm no Dendrologist, tree scientist, but I dang sure knew this was no normal tree. I had to investigate further.

Taking a side road in the direction of the mutant tree, I was shortly rewarded with an answer to the mystery. It wasn't a pine tree at all, it was a 150' cell tower disguised as a tree. To beat it all, they didn't even bother to put tree limbs all the way to the bottom of the thing.

I'll be honest, I think I'd rather see a regular cell tower than a 150' scary looking tree. But that's just me.

My lesson for the weekend, just stay in Loudon County where we have normal intersections, normal cell towers and all's right with the world.