Thanks Jimmy

In 1987 I watched two young men die in a horrific car crash at the intersection of Muddy Creek, Ford Road and Hwy. 11. That began the long process for our community's attempt to get something done about our dangerous intersection. Fast forward twenty-eight years, and hundreds of crashes and injuries later and we finally got the improvements we always wanted.

I just want to give a personal thanks to State Representative, Jimmy Matlock, who got it done. I know there were other officials who had to be onboard to make it happen, but without Jimmy's continuous, relentless pushing, I doubt it would have ever have happened. It's not just Ford Road though, there's Shaw Ferry, the interstate exit on 321, Sugar Limb's new red light, even the new bridge at Ft. Loudon Dam. Jimmy has helped get more needed improvements for Loudon County than any elected official in a long time. Nobody even knows how many personal issues he has helped with for the folks in Loudon County.

Based on our conversation last week, Jimmy is gearing up for another re-election campaign next year. I sure hope everyone will appreciate and remember  everything he has done for our county and will continue to support him in the next election.