Thank You Lord

Thursday evening, my wife Sarah and I were traveling to Sams in Knoxville to pick up supplies for the ball field. We were driving the old blue truck. No air-conditioning, no radio, windows down, driving about 55 just discussing the day's events for each of us.

Suddenly we heard the unmistakable, gut wrenching sound of grinding metal, breaking glass and skidding tires. I instantly looked in the review mirror to see two tractor trailers locked together wheel to wheel and bumper to bumper quickly streaking toward the back of our truck. I headed to the shoulder of the road to try to get out of the path of the oncoming crash. Suddenly both big rigs veered sharply to the right and went careening down the Campbell Station Road exit ramp.

There were cars backed all the way up the exit ramp to the interstate. Both trucks plowed into the line of cars on the ramp. The first car hit just disintegrated and other cars were being thrown around like bowling pins. There was no doubt there were going to be serious injuries and likely fatalities.

I've already said it privately and will gladly say it publically. Thank you Lord for watching over me and Sarah. One or two seconds different and both those trucks would undoubtedly have crushed us in our little truck.

Remember those who were hurt and the family of the one who died. Life can change in an instant.

Wreck shuts down one lane of I-40 east bound

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- A semi-truck crash shut down one lane of I-40 eastbound Wednesday afternoon.

The crash happened around 5:30. A tractor trailer truck flipped onto a car, crushing it against the guard rail. Two other cars were involved in the wreck. One person was trapped inside the car. The off ramp for Campbell Station road is closed.

No word yet on how bad the drivers were hurt.

THP: 1 killed in wreck that times up I-40 East in West Knox

By News Sentinel staff

KNOXVILLE At least one person was killed when a tractor-trailer overturned onto another vehicle at an Interstate 40/75 exit ramp in West Knox County this evening, authorities said.

Personnel still are working to clear the crash scene at the eastbound exit to Campbell Station Road at mile marker 373, where the crash was reported at approximately 6:30 p.m.

At least one fatality was confirmed, according to a Tennessee Highway Patrol dispatcher, although details were not immediately available.

One eastbound lane of I-40/75 remains blocked.

Eastbound traffic attempting to take the Campbell Station Road exit at mile marker 373 is being diverted to the next exit at Lovell Road/mile marker 374, according to the Tennessee Department of Transportation.