The Tennessee Fire Marshall’s office in conjunction with the Fire Departments in Tennessee is working hard at  changing Tennessee’s National Ranking for fire related deaths.  Tennessee has ranked in the top 10 since 2000 for the most fire related deaths. 


Half of those years, Tennessee ranked in the top 5.  Fire deaths are preventable with properly working smoke alarms and rehearsing fire exit drills in the home and workplace semi-annually.  The smoke alarms that the Fire Departments will be installing have a 10 year battery life and do not require the batteries to be changed. 


If your smoke alarms require the batteries to be changed, we recommend that you change them in the spring and fall when you change your clocks.  This is also when you should practice your fire safety drills in the home and workplace.  If you need assistance with changing the batteries, we will gladly assist you.


Over the next few months, Loudon County Fire Rescue will have firefighters going door to door checking and installing smoke alarms There is no charge for the smoke alarms that were provided to us by the Tennessee Fire Marshall’s office through a grant.  We will be in contact with Loudon County residents up to 7 pm each night except Sundays. 


If you know of anyone in need of smoke alarms or have any further questions about this event, you can contact Loudon County Fire Rescue by calling 986-2882.  If you have safety concerns about imposters being at your residence, you can contact Loudon County E-911 Center at 865-458-9081 and they will verify the identity of the firefighters.  Please share this message with all friends and family so we can get this information to all county residents.


Thank You,

Michael Hodge

Michael Hodge

Assistant Chief