Tellico POA cuts back in 2009 budget

By Dave Hudgens

POA budget gets big diet. The Tellico Village POA Board last week approved a $14.3 million 2009 budget and a five-year plan that reflects the realities of reduced revenue projections and rising operating costs, maintaining adequate reserves, while increasing subsidies of major amenities and projecting negative net income in three of the next six years.

A major capital expenditure dropped from the plan is $1.75 million for a new Toqua Clubhouse. It was replaced with $200,000 in 2012 for an attached pavilion to the existing clubhouse to accommodate more seating for golf outings and other events there. Other capital projects were pushed out to later years.

Monthly assessments will rise modestly to $87, a 4.5 percent rise, with percentage increases steadily declining in the out years. Golf fees will drop slightly to $29.95 (including cart) for a member buying annual rounds, reflecting competitive senior rates in the area. Fitness memberships will increase some 8 percent to a monthly $427 for a family and $274 for individuals, both substantially lower than competitive area facilities. Dock fees went up 3 percent.