Teens bring Volunteer Spirit to therapeutic riding program for at risk kids
WVLT-Preschoolers with special needs in Lenoir City get to saddle up for school. They participate in a therapeutic horseback riding program at STAR..

Cathy Dolson, an instructor says, "They're learning how to ride and get some other benefits as well. We're learning how to care for another human being, we're learning some parts of the horse, so we're learning some vocabulary."

And a it's lesson like no other, for all involved.

Dolson says, "There's nothing more exciting than seeing the smile on the riders face. We are all helping people be as independent as they can."

Teens from Lenoir City High School lend a hand for a semester at a time.

Haley Bilek says, "It's a class we take called Action Service Learning.
We come Monday thru Thursday for an hour and work with different ages throughout the day."

Some of students enjoy it so much they come back after school hours with volunteer spirit.

Haley says, "Because its fun and it's a place to get away and help other people."

There are many therapeutic programs for all ages offered at STAR including ones for veterans and Alzheimer's patients.
And the ranch always need volunteer spirit.

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