Sheriff: Louisiana teen apparently drowns in grandparents' hot tub

News Sentinel staff

LOUDON - In what Loudon County's sheriff termed "a bizarre tragedy," a 13-year-old boy died this morning after being found face down in his grandparents' hot tub.

Taylor Mills from Louisiana had flown to town with his father to visit his grandfather, Tommy Mills, and grandmother, Joanne. They arrived at the airport after midnight, and when they arrived at his grandparents' 4033 Hall Road home, Taylor wanted to play in a hot tub on the deck outside.

Sheriff Tim Guider said the boy reportedly was doing flips and generally having fun.

"They noticed him playing around in it and checked on him again and he was face down," Guider said.

"He was said to be a good swimmer," the sheriff said, adding it's possible the boy hit his head.

Taylor appeared to have some type of contusion on his forehead, but Guider wasn't sure how severe it was. He said an autopsy is being performed.

"We received a call a couple of minutes after 2 o'clock this morning, and when officers arrived, the young man had been taken out of the hot tub and was laying on the deck," Guider said.

Guider said Taylor was flown by Lifestar helicopter to East Tennssee Children's Hospital. He did not know exactly when the boy died.

"He comes from a good family," Guider said. "His father's in the military in Louisiana and they were just coming in for a couple of days."