Teenage suspects identified in explosive incidents

 Greg Wilkerson News Herald

Lenoir City Police officers have identified four juvenile suspects responsible for allegedly setting off four homemade explosive devices around the community. There names are withheld because of their ages, but Lenoir City Detective Jonathan Sartin said they attend Lenoir City High School. "There was no sign they were out trying to harm anyone or anything," Sartin said.


One device was set off at Wampler-Keith Park, two at the overlook at Fort Loudoun Dam and one in the parking lot at Wa-Mart. 

Video survelince of the Wal-Mart incident helped officers identify the suspects and quickly determine the case was most likely a teenage prank.

The explosive was set off outside the Wal-Mart in Lenoir City at about 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, according to Lenoir City Police Chief Don White. "It appears that this is going to be a teenage prank, just based on how it was built and what was in it," White said Wednesday. 

The explosive was made with common items and over-the-counter fireworks, the packaging of which was found near the scene of the incident, White said. The only property damage was a dent in a shopping cart."They put it in a buggy on the far side of Wal-Mart by the Garden Center," White said.

The video surveillance of the incident clearly showed what happened and the two vehicles involved, he said. "They left all the debris in the parking lot," White said. "It's a very dangerous thing." Sartin said the Lenoir City Police Department will file the petitions, which will be served by the Loudon County Sheriff's Office.

Sartin said that while no one had been hurt in the explosions it was still a dangerous thing to do. "They could hurt themselves or someone else," he said.