Teen charged with raping Loudon Co. girl

LOUDON (WATE) -- A Vonore teen is charged with raping a 12-year-old Loudon County girl he was acquainted with more than once at her home.
The suspect is Spencer Lee Wells, 18.

Investigators with the Loudon County Sheriff's Department say the girl claims she performed oral sex on Wells and he used his finger to rub her.

The girl also claims Wells dared her to send pictures of herself to him. Those allegations are still being investigated.

Wells is out on bond. He's scheduled to be in court on September 9.

Child rape charge filed against Vonore teen

LOUDON - Police said today they've arrested a teenager for allegedly entering a 12-year-old girl's home through a window in Loudon County and having sexual contact with her last month.

Spencer L. Wells, 18, of Vonore, allegedly went to the girl's home on May 12 and "allegedly entered the bedroom window of the residence at which time sexual contact occurred," according to Loudon County Sheriff Tim Guider.

Wells allegedly confessed during an interview with Detective Jason Smith and, because of the girl's age, has been charged with rape of a child, he said.

Guider said Wells and the girl aren't related and hadn't been dating.

"They were acquaintances," he said. "They had been text messaging each other for awhile, and one thing led to another."

The girl's father became aware that something was amiss and contacted the Sheriff's Office, Guider said. Interviews with the victim and Wells then uncovered the sexual contact, he said.

Guider declined to provide further details about the case.

The child rape charge, a Class A felony that carries a 25-year minimum sentence, was filed because "the female is considered a child and not a juvenile because she is under the age of 13," a press release said.