Really? Part 2

A couple of weeks ago, county mayor candidate Matt Brookshire, ran a political ad with a list of names of people who supposedly support him in the race. Now a new ad in much the same format has appeared. This ad lists the names of 58 current or former teachers that supposedly support him in the race. Like the last ad, a number of those listed are family members a bunch of them are repeat names from the first ad and at least one or two of them don't show up on my voter database.

There's only two types of people who would vote for a liberal like Matt Brookshire. Those who believe like he believes and those who don't know him. What's scary about a list like below is that you don't know if those in the ad believe like he believes and don't know him. Hopefully it's the latter and before they would vote for him they would learn more about his political positions.

Given that internal email server lists from within both school systems were used, in violation of school policies, to recruit teachers to allow their names to be used in Brookshire's ad to give it credibility, it's note worthy that only about three dozen current teachers agreed to put their names on the list. Given that there are probably five to six hundred teachers in the two systems.....well you can do the math.

Now for those of you who claim I never say anything good about Doyle Arp, here it comes.  The only thing that could be worse for Loudon County than another four years of Doyle Arp would be four years of Matt Brookshire.