Teacher Raise-$0
Doyle Arp Raise-$8,700

With the budget crunch nipping at the hills of the Loudon County Board of Education, the board is looking for ways to cut their budget. The board has even voted to eliminate their pay saving $36,000.00 per year. Another possible cut being considered by the board is to eliminate the 2% pay raise for teachers.

But according to budget documents from Loudon County government, Loudon County Mayor, Doyle Arp will be receiving a pay raise of $8,783.00 in the upcoming fiscal year. Arp's current salary will jump from $75,585.00 to $84,368.00. To make matters worse, with the new pay scale implemented by the commission last year which ties the commissioner's raises to the mayor's raise, commissioners will also see a nearly 15% pay raise coming their way. 

Compensation for most county officials including county mayors is governed by T.C.A. 8-24-102, which establishes the minimum compensation for county officials based of the county's population. Under the law, Arp's pay should be $73,866.00. But apparently Mr. Arp feels that he is worth more, a lot more, to the county than the minimum salary set by the state. Click Here For County Mayor Pay Scale.

It is almost unimaginable that with such financial restrictions being placed on the BOE that Mr. Arp and the commissioners would even consider such drastic pay increases for themselves.