Teacher Gets 2nd DUI

Greenback teacher and coach, Kenneth R. Wheeler was arrested March 22nd for DUI. The arresting officer followed Wheeler's vehicle noticing that he was weaving from side to side on Hwy. 411. The officer stopped Wheeler on suspicion of drunk driving. Wheeler preformed poorly on sobriety tasks. Wheeler was arrested for DUI. Wheeler's breath test on the intoximeter showed his blood alcohol to be .13. The legal limit in Tennessee is .08.

Wheeler was indicted last year for DUI and is awaiting a grand jury hearing on his first arrest. Wheeler's first arrested was July 1,2007. The arresting officer found Wheeler parked in the middle of Sugar Limb Road around 12:00 midnight. When the officer approached Wheeler he made a U turn and sped away from the officer. The officer followed Wheeler a short distance till he pulled over. Wheeler was arrested for DUI.

Just last month at the recommendation of school director, Edward Headlee, BOE members voted to grant tenure to Wheeler. Headlee and at least several board members were aware of the first DUI arrest prior to their vote to grant tenure. Freddie Gene Walker was the only BOE member to vote no on the tenure. The second arrest came two weeks after the vote.

Just after the second arrest, Headlee was asked in an email how the second arrest would affect the recently granted tenure for Wheeler.

From: Van Shaver
Sent: Thursday, March 27, 2008 10:09 PM
To: Edward Headlee

Mr. Headlee,

Would you have any comment pertaining to the second arrest for DUI on Greenback teacher, Kenneth R. Wheeler?

I think you are aware that he was arrested again on March 22nd for DUI. He was also arrested back on July 1st, 2007 for DUI. He is currently awaiting a Grand Jury hearing on the first arrest.

At your last BOE meeting, you had recommended Mr. Wheeler for tenure and the board affirmed the recommendation. I think you and a number of other board members were aware of the first DUI arrest when tenure was approved. Will the second arrest for DUI have any bearing on his grant of tenure?

Thank you

Van Shaver
Date: 3/28/2008 12:58:34 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: Edward Headlee
To: Van Shaver

Mr. Shaver,           

Because tenure does not actually begin until the first day of school for the next year, his tenure would not be effective until that point.  As to this second incident, he will be receiving a letter of non-employment for the next school year, thus removing the tenure issue as well as his return to teaching in Loudon County.            

Edward Headlee 


 According to Headlee's email, Wheeler will not be retained to teach for Loudon County next year.