Tax, Tax, Tax, Tax, Tax

It's official, we will see yet another property tax increase and a $50 wheel tax again all in the name of education. At Monday's commission workshop, commissioners recommended an 8 cent property tax increase and as much as a $50 wheel tax. The wheel tax will probably be on the August ballot.

Commissioners are apparently convinced that the only way to keep the boat afloat is to raise our taxes. Never mind that both the county and the board of education have millions of dollars stocked piled in the bank, they still want more of our hard earned money. The citizens can't do much about commission's decision to raise property taxes but we will have a voice on the wheel tax.

If commissioner can move fast enough, they can get the question of the wheel tax placed on the August ballot. In February, Loudon County voters rejected a half cent sales tax increase in the name of education by a two to one margin. It would be surprising if voters came back six months later and passed a $50 wheel tax. Time will tell.

Commissioners are expected to vote on both the tax increase and the wheel tax at their June meeting.