Tax Me More,
Wheel Tax

Of the hundreds maybe thousands of Loudon County voters I've heard from concerning the wheel tax, I have yet to hear anyone say they were going to vote for the $50 tax. That is until now. Last week, nine individuals went on record as supporters of the wheel tax. Nine of the ten Loudon County Board Of Education members voted to add to their agenda a resolution of support for the $50 Wheel Tax. The only board member to vote no was Freddie Gene Walker.

Board members Bobby Johnson Jr., June Klinstiver, Larry Bass, Steve Harrelson, Bill Marcus, Scott Newman, Nancy Paule, Larry Proaps and Leroy Tate voted to add the wheel tax support resolution to the agenda.

I'm sure there are others who think that paying more and higher taxes is a good idea, but they are a small minority. However for those school board members and anyone else who really believe that a $50 wheel tax is a good idea, here's my suggestion to you. If the wheel tax fails at the ballot box, you folks can still hold to your beliefs. Each year and every time you go to the court house to renew your vehicle tags or register a new vehicle, just step across the hall to the Trustee's office and write a check to the county for the amount you would have been required to pay if the wheel tax had passed. The county is authorized to take your donation. That way, those of you who really want a wheel tax can still make your contribution to "the children".

Let's see how many of you are really committed to the Tax Me More philosophy.