Take The Poll

Our TOPIX editors have put up several good polls that are fun to watch and shed light on how folks feel about certain issues. I have pulled all the polls together to have here in one place for easier access. If you haven't participated yet, give it a try. If you have already voted on the poll, don't cheat just vote one time. Below each poll are many comments that are interesting reading.


NEW  Will you vote to re-elect Nancy Marcus ? NEW

Should Commission Move To Oust Arp?

 Who Is Your first Choice For City Council?

 Who Would You Vote For For Lenoir City Mayor?

3. Should DA Johnson Recuse Himself From The Arp Investigation?

 4. Do you trust the Loudon County Board of Education?

5. Should Mayor Matt Brookshire Be Reelected?

6. Grade County Mayor Arp's Job Performance

7. Do you think since elected Doyle Arp has......

8. Which Incumbent Councilmen Deserve Reelection?

You can no longer say: "I've never been polled.