Take That!

Well, well, well, to all you never Trumpers, take that. To our very own, Hillary supporting, Governor Haslam, take that. To John Kasich, the Bush's and the rest of the republican establishment, take that. Donald Trump will be the president.

You see, we common folk have had enough of your elitism and we stuck it in your eye.

I have no idea what kind of president Trump will be but I know he'll be better than anything Clinton would have ever been. If nothing else, the Supreme Court can be saved for a generation. How could you ignorant people who claim to be republicans or conservative not have supported him just on that one issue alone?

And boy, right on cue, here come the media, the establishment and talking heads telling us, WE, must now reach across the aisle and work with the democrats. Oh heck no, We don't have to reach for anybody. WE won. Republican Senate, Republican House and Republican White House. WE have all the marbles.


WE can not work with the democrats, we have no common ground to work on. If Obama showed us one thing, it was that their side had no interest in working with us. Why should we give them anything?

Remember what Obama said two weeks into his first term? "I won. Elections have consequences."

Welcome to the new America. Take that.