Sweet Success

The arrival of the TVA & I Fair means lots of fun and activities for lots of folks. The fair brings opportunities for all kinds of competitions from livestock to rodeos. One of the lesser known competitions could be the bake off contest open to anyone.

Students of the Loudon High School Culinary Arts class entered a number of categories in the competition and came away with a lot of awards.

In Junior Bakers  (There were only 5 categories)

1st place

             Brittany Reinhart  -  Decorated cookies

             Casey Hogan       -  Brownies

             Nikko Kuenzel      -  Trail Mix

             Tiffany Letterman - Cereal Bars

2nd place

             Bethany Mendez  -  Any other cookie

In the Adult division

1st place

      Courtney Shaw -  Peanut Butter Cookie   (Judge commented that it was the best peanut butter cookie she had tasted in the contest in years!)     

       Megan Brown  -  Peanut Butter Fudge     (One lady won every fudge category but this one, she was 2nd)

3rd place  

            C.C. Kuenzel    - Sugar Cookies

             Josh Bos         - Dinner Rolls

4th Place

             Josh Bos          - Sweet Rolls

             Tawny Garret   - Chocolate Chip Cookies

Students participating but not placing were

         Justin Packett        - cupcakes

         Stephanie Russell  - cornmeal muffins

         Josie Binkley          - Divinity

         Tosha Arden         -  Biscuits

I'm very proud of these students said Teresa Layman, LHS Culinary Arts Teacher. After Jr. Bakers judging every time they announced winners, several in the crowd would turn and ask if that winner was a LHS student!