Suspects in $13,000 theft arrested in Memphis

A Loudon woman and a 14-year-old juvenile were arrested in Memphis last week after allegedly stealing more than $13,000 in cash from a Knoxville woman, authorities say.

Loudon County Sheriff Tim Guider announced today that Memphis police arrested Erika Bryan of Loudon and took the juvenile into custody. In a statement, Guider said Virginia Zaborski of Knoxville gave $13,600 in cash to Bryan, who was to deposit the money for Zaborski in a bank. Zaborski couldn't make the deposit herself because of an emergency, Guider said.

Instead of depositing the money, Guider said, Bryan and the juvenile took a cab to the Greyhound bus station in Knoxville and bought tickets to Memphis. Zaborski reported the theft April 29. By the next day, two Loudon County officers were on their way to Memphis to bring Bryan and the juvenile back to Loudon County.