Suspect in the Pamela Knight murder case

LOUDON COUNTY, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Authorities have a suspect in the killing of Pamela K. Knight, whose body was discovered in Loudon County nearly two months ago.

Knight disappeared more than six years ago. In January, an uncle and nephew found her remains wrapped in a comforter in a field.

Officials said they have a suspect, but have not identified who the person is. They also said they believe the murder happened in Knoxville.

Knight, 35, was last seen leaving her home with her husband, Paul Knight, in the vicinity of the 4400 block of Bruhin Rd., of Knoxville on the morning of Oct. 27, 2005, her youngest son's seventh birthday.

She was supposed to meet her mom for lunch and pick up her children from school, but never made it. Pamela and Paul Knight and their car all disappeared.

The Jeep was discovered in Florida a few months later, and police found Paul several months later. He was arrested on an outstanding aggravated assault charge and still behind bars for various crimes in Louisiana.

Her children moved in with another family and at one point lived in Corryton.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Loudon Co. Sheriff's Office at 865-986-4823.