Student drives SUV into Loudon High

Jeremy Nash

Loudon High School will have to undergo building repairs after a student accidentally drove her vehicle through the cafeteria wall Friday afternoon.

Director of Schools Jason Vance said the incident occurred Friday “toward the end of the day.” No injuries were reported.

According to Loudon County E-911, a call was made to dispatch at 4:51 p.m., and officers with Loudon Police Department responded to the scene.
As of Monday, Vance said he had not had the opportunity to speak with the student driver.
Vance said he did not anticipate the Loudon County Board of Education would be responsible for repair costs. He anticipated that “the insurance companies will be able to sort through this issue.”
A cost estimate on the damage was not available as of the News-Herald’s presstime.
“I’ve got no doubt that the student’s parents will want to make this right,” Vance said in an interview Monday. “Ms. (Cheri) Parrish shared with me the other day that her (the student’s) daddy had called explaining that he would be more than happy to reimburse the school for whatever the property damage was.”
Since this is “deemed an emergency,” Vance said no formal action from the school board will be necessary.
Knoxville-based Allied Glass Co., Inc., is anticipated to make repairs to the building sometime this week, Vance said, noting the wall was boarded up by Loudon County maintenance personnel.
“It’ll be more than just replacing glass,” Vance said. “It’ll be replacing the storefront with the aluminum framing and all that type of hardware. ... Brian Brown (county maintenance director) and I spoke about this the other day of potentially putting up concrete barriers, and so I think that that’s something we would want to look into and see if we can make sure we put those up in years to come.
“We were very blessed nobody was injured during this accident,” he added. “We want to make sure that we take precautions to keep that from happening in the future.”